Escape From Breast Cancer Table of Contents (October 2000)
       ( Brent Rooney, [email protected] )

  A1. Escape from Breast Cancer - (a Play)
  A2. Brent Rooney: Credits & Website Plaudits 
  B1. 20 simple BC risk reducers 
  C1. Foods that reduce the risk of breast cancer 
  D1. Dr. Simone's BC preventing supplements 
  E1. Motivating your daughter to get 'health smarts'
  F1. 'Early Bird' Gets the Breast Cancer Protection
  G1. Better than Tamoxifen and it's NATURAL
  H1. How much BC reduction via the RED Triangle?
  J1. Mexican Women 'Maul' BC with Milk
  K1. 'Advanced' Topics (Part I)
      1. Where You Live
      2. Mercury amalgams in your mouth
      3. Natural Progesterone
      4. Juice Fasting
      5. Where You Work
      'Advanced' Topics (Part II)
      6. Chelation (EDTA and Oral) Therapy
      7. 'Burn' Your Bra?
      8. Saunas
      9. Venereal Disease (STD), is it for you?
     10. Periodic Testing
      'Advanced' Topics (Part III)
     11. Switch Religions?
     12. Toxic Environment is the 'real' cause of cancer, right?
     13. Does health start in Pregnancy?                               
     14. How to find first rate medical professionals
     15. High fat diet a Big BC villain?
     16. Are Medical X-rays a Major BC threat?
  L.Profit from all this BC Prevention Information       
  M.Diet Survey
  P.TelePhone numbers and Websites
  R.All References