Chapter L. PROFIT from all this BC prevention information -
     Are you  an  'action  Jackson' or a 'Lazy Susan'?  'Lazy Susans' may
   have 'chemo' and baldness (but  more  likely  heart  attacks) in their
   futures.  If you are an 'action Jackson', then you need an action plan.
   Since any smart  plan  has  to  be  individualized, I can only provide
   some general ideas that are likely 'keepers':

     1. Today, make 3 photocopies  of  BC  preventing  foods ('D1'); tape
        one copy to the 'frig', fold  one  copy  for  your purse and hold
        the third in reserve.
     2. Tomorrow,  buy  a  good  cookbook  that  emphasizes healthy foods
        and  healthy  food  preparation  and  cooking; it  should mention
        that steaming is a healthy cooking method. The following are good

           The Airola Diet and Cookbook (Paavo Airola, ND) 
           Dining in the Raw (Rita Romano)
           Eating Alive (Jonn Matsen, ND, Jeanne-Marie Martin)
           Vegetarian Cooking for People With Allergies (Raphael Rettner)
           Moosewood Restaurant Low-Fat Favorites from the Moosewood
!!         The book    Return to the Joy of Health (Zoltan Rona, MD, MSc)
           is mostly about restoring and maintaining health but it has an
           excellent recipe section by
           Jeanne-Marie Martin (ie. this is a two-in-one book).

     3. This week: start  using  that  new  cookbook; a  majority of your
        food should still be fresh and  raw; everything  you  eat  should
        taste good if not yummy.  If you are not exercising now, schedule
        a medical exam so that  your doctor can evaluate your fitness for
        starting  a  program  of  vigorous  exercise.   Pick  a  physical
        activity  that  is  enjoyable  ( at  least  not  distasteful ),
        that will not stress your joints (e.g.s. the stress of jogging on 
        concrete  or  tennis  on  a  hard  court), and  is aerobic.  Very
        gradually  ease  into  a  consistent  exercise  routine; avoiding
        injury  is  paramount, so  do  not  start  out  exercising  'like

     4. If  you  do  not have a good 'general practitioner' now, find one
        (see  Advanced  Topics).  Ask  your 'G.P.' what  supplements  you
        should be taking.  Bring  to  her  your 'Diet Sheet' (section M),
        showing everything  you  ate/drank  over the last seven days  and
        ask her what diet changes she recommends;  also,  what  vitamin/
        mineral supplements you should take.

Do not make  any  changes  affecting your health without first consulting
with a trusted medical professional.

copyright Brent Rooney ( [email protected] )