Chapter B1. 20 Simple BC risk reducers 
 1. Eat most food raw (reduces kitchen 'cleanup' too)
 2. Bra - if you must wear one, make it loose fitting and do not wear over
    12 hours/day  (to  prevent constriction of your lymphatic system). All
    underwear should be natural fiber (e.g. cotton)
 3. Filter all tap water  (including cooking water). Drink 6-10 glasses of
    water daily (1/2 ounce  water  for  each  pound of body weight); store
    water in GLASS bottles (plastic bottles will leech into water)
 4. Vitamin C -consume 'high' doses (with bioflavonoids)  to  reduce  both  
    cancer and heart attack risk
 5. Get 20-30 minutes of early (before 9 am) morning sun
 6. Chew your food well; after age 40 you may  need  digestive supplements
    ; (an easy walk after a meal aids digestion)
 7. Food combining - Do  not  have  fruit  and vegetables at the same meal
    (if you eat fruit 25 minutes before  the main meal, you're OK); do not
    have high carbohydrates and proteins at the same meal
 8. Rebounding - (Rebounders are 'mini-trampolines); do  a  jogging motion
    on the rebounder  for  20-35  minutes  per  day  ( 4-6  times a week).
    Rebounding (although not 100% safe) is  much  safer  than  jogging and
    will enhance your lymphatic system, part of your immune system
 9. Eat no refined or genetically  engineered  food;  eat  ORGANIC, fresh,
    unrefined food
10. Avoid 'dumb' things that  undermine  your  health:  DRUGS  (except for
    emergencies), excessive  exposure  to  the sun, silver dental fillings
    (which are  about  50% mercury), root-canals, drinks in aluminum cans,
    smoking anything
11. Natural Progesterone CREAM (not tablets)  - postmenopausal women - ask
    your 'holistic' practitioner if it is  ok for you  to  use  a  natural
    progesterone cream (reduces BC risk and heart attack risk in  addition
    REVERSING osteoporosis); premenopausal women  with  fertility problems
    problems may benefit from natural progesterone creams (not tablets  or 
12. Find cartoon books and humor books that make you  laugh  and read from
    them every day of the year except 1 April.  For cheap relaxation, read
    The Relaxation Response (Herbert Benson, M.D.)
13. Deal as  much  as  possible  with people of integrity; avoid deceivers
    (do not think you can or should try to outsmart them)
14. Ten 'BC Preventing Foods'  ( fresh  and  organic): apricots,  broccoli
    , cabbage,  carrots,  flax  seeds  (ground), garlic (raw and crushed),
    ginger, millet, soybean products, yogurt; (these foods reduce BC risk)
15. Multi-vitamin  pill  daily  (as  insurance) - should have a minimum of
    1 mg folic acid and a minimum of 100 micrograms selenium (adult dose).
    Buy your multi-vitamin  from  a 'health store' and make sure there are
    no fillers or additives (which may cause a bad reaction)
16. NO medical X-rays (except  emergencies)  before  age  25  and  few, if 
    any, after age 25
17. Sauna - sweat removes toxins  from  your body (and good minerals too);
    replace lost minerals with clean mineral water; no saunas  if pregnant
18. Restful sleep -         If difficult, consider supplements: Kava Kava,
    melatonin, valerian root.  For many, exercise,  but not within 2 hours
    of bed time, improves sleep
19. More dumb things to avoid:  chocolate,  refined sugar (use maple syrup
    instead), excess salt, more  than  one  small  alcoholic drink per day
    (none is better)
20. No, No, Nanette to  these  things:  needle  vaccinations,  hair  dyes,
    shampoos  with  synthetic  ingredients  (e.g. sodium lauryl sulphate),
    toothpastes with  synthetic ingredients (e.g. sodium lauryl sulphate),
    silicone  breast  implants,  electric  blankets, microwave ovens,  and
    artificial sweeteners (e.g. aspartame)

Do not make any changes affecting your health without first consulting
with a trusted medical professional.

copyright Brent Rooney ( [email protected] )