P. TelePhone number (mostly '1-800' & '1-888')
    (most of these telephone numbers were suplied by Dr. Bob Martin on his
    radio  show); do  not  try  any  of these products unless your medical
    doctor approves them:

    Telephone #     Product/use
    1-888-240-7472  CMX [for rheumatoid arthritis]  
    1-888-443-5266  DHEA [for autoimmune diseases]
    1-800-769-HERB  Dienix [for weight loss]
    1-800-611-8331  Natural Women [Natural Progesterone cream]
    1-800-773-7034  NSC24 [boosts immune system]
    1-800-455-5182  Pro-Gest [Natural Progerterone cream]
    1-888-882-5100  'Royal Arterial Flush' [unclog arteries]
    1-800-934-2248  'Habit Breakers' [stop smoking program]

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