Chapter K1. 'Advanced' Topics (Part II) 

   6. 'Chelation' (pronounced 'key-lay-shun') (EDTA  and  Oral) Therapy -
      MONITOR YOUR TOXIC LOAD: at least every three years test your toxic
      levels of heavy metals (arsenic, lead, cadmium,  mercury,  aluminum,
      etc.) via hair analysis or urine analysis. If you have excess levels
      consider oral or intravenous chelation therapy.  In one Swiss study,
      patients who underwent EDTA chelation therapy  for high lead levels,
      also enjoyed 90 per cent less  cancer  than  their  fellows over 17 
      years.  (Call 604-DARE-889 for EDTA  chelation  information between
      10 am and 5 pm Pacific time.)

      EDTA Chelation is administered via an intravenous drip over 3-3 1/2
      hours; you relax in a chair  and  read or  chat  with  other people
      in the room.  For the most part, the only pain you feel is a slight
      one when the doctor/nurse inserts  the  needle (into a vein in your
      hand  or  wrist).  Is  EDTA  Chelation  therapy  safe?    Dr.  K.B.
      Wiancko  informs  us  that  the   medical  literature  mentions  NO
      ( i.e.  ZERO ) deaths  from  'EDTA'  therapy  ( when  the  American
      Academy of Advancement in Medicine protocol is followed) since Jan.
      1, 1983; over 500 thousand people have had this therapy safely.
      How does 'EDTA' Chelation compare to 'bypass' operations?  Whenever
      patients are challenged with a major medical decision, they want to
      know:  SAFETY,  EFFECTIVENESS,  COST.  In  chart  form  here is the

                      EDTA Chelation               Bypass Surgery
      SAFETY     NO deaths since Jan. 1, 1983    2% - 6% die as a direct 
                 (sources: Dr. K.B. Wiancko;     result of 'bypass'
                 American College of Advancement (source: Wall St.
                 in Medicine)                    Journal)

      EFFECTIVENESS  77% with "clogged" arteries  No proof on average
                 showed MARKED improvement       'bypass' patients live
                 (source: Dr. James Carter -     longer than those who
                 Tulane U. Medical School)       'decline'  'bypass' 

      COST       75% - 90% cheaper than 'bypass';  $20,000-$50,000
                 $3,000-$6,000 for 30 treatments

      'EDTA' 'beats' 'bypass' for  all  three  criteria.  Any exceptions?
      Objective  tests might  indicate  a  high probability  of  a  heart
      attack within a few weeks.  Most Chelating  doctors  will  tell you
      that a full set of 20-40 treatments  cannot be done in such a short
      time (2 or 3 'chelations' per week are possible for most patients).
      Any additional  criteria?  The 'consolation prize'  criteria.  Even
      if 'chelation' does  not MARKEDLY reduce clogged arteries, everyone
      (including the U.S Food  and  Drug Administration) agrees that EDTA
      removes cadmium (smoker's curse),  mercury, nickel, aluminum, lead,
      and other toxic metals from the human body.  If you are not part of
      the 77% markedly helped by EDTA, you can try the other alternatives.

      After the Chelation  therapy - The  maximum benefit is  experienced
      about 8-12 weeks after the final EDTA session. Should you return to
      your old lifestyle of junk food and being a 'couch potato'?  If you
      do, your arteries will start  clogging  up again; and thus, you may
      require  more  chelations  later.  On the  other  hand, if  you  do
      'reform' your  'health habits',  you  might  still have a  few EDTA
      chelations every year as added insurance.
      Oral Chelation - is cheaper than EDTA, but is it as effective or as
      fast acting?  If  3 'EDTA' sessions  are done per week, 30 sessions
      will  take  10 weeks.  Generally  speaking,  oral  chelation  could
      take  many  times  this  length  of time to have an equal effect in
      removing heavy metals from the body; some researchers believe it is 
      the heavy metals that  are  the main cause of clogged arteries. The
      'track record' of 'EDTA' 
      is  much  more  firmly  established  than  that  of  oral chelation
      products.  Dr. Bob Martin  (Phoenix,  Arizona) is a highly regarded
      nutrition  expert  ( as  well  as  being a Doctor of Chiropractic).
      He recommends an oral  chelation product called 'The Royal Arterial
      Flush'  (toll  free  call - 1 (888) 882-5100); I  am  not  directly
      or  indirectly  financially  connected  to  any  product  or doctor
      mentioned in this entire document.  With oral chelation, no needles
      are involved.

      Alternative  to  EDTA  and  oral  chelation - Heart  Disease can be
      reversed  naturally  via  vegetarian diet, exercise, and relaxation
      techniques  (read  Reversing  Heart  Disease  by  Dr. Dean Ornish);
      however, how many people have the will-power to follow the 'Ornish'
      program?  For  those  with  the  will-power,  the  'Ornish' program
      is true prevention and much  cheaper  than  any chelation treatment.

      Autism - It is claimed by some that autism in SOME children results
      from high levels of  toxic  metals; read  Turning  Lead  into  Gold
      (N Hallaway (RN), Dr. Z Strauts) for a remarkable success story.

      Linus Pauling (PhD) - Dr. Linus Pauling was the  first  ever to win
      two unshared Nobel prizes and is one of the most eminent scientific
      geniuses of the 20th century.  As important, his supreme  integrity
      never allowed him to issue a strong  opinion  ( in  the  scientific 
      arena) until he thoroughly did his research.  Dr. Pauling, in  July
      1988, stated that "published research and extensive clinical exper-
      ience show that EDTA helps to  reduce  and  prevent atherosclerotic
      plaques, thus improving blood flow to the heart and other  organs."
      (A Textbook On EDTA Chelation Therapy)  Can anyone find a two  time
      Nobel prize winner who disagrees with Pauling about EDTA? Not like-

      References for EDTA Chelation Therapy:
      A Textbook on EDTA Chelation Therapy (edited by Elmer Cranton, MD)
      40 Something Forever (Arline Brecher)
      The Chelation Way (Dr. Morton Walker)
      Bypassing Bypass (Dr. Elmer Cranton)
      Turning Lead into Gold (N Hallaway (RN), Dr. Z Strauts)

   7. 'Burn' your  Bra?  Has  it  been  proven  that wearing a restrictive
      bra  more  than  12 hours/day  increases  BC risk?  No, but the book
      Dressed to Kill  ( Sydney  Singer )  makes  a  reasonable  case  for
      discarding  the  bra  ( which  serves  virtually  no health function
      for healthy women).  The  reasoning  of  Singer is that constricting
      bras reduce  lymph  flow  ( an immune function ) and  thus,  reduces
      toxin removal.  Clearly,  more  research  in  this area is required.
      Should you  wait  for  this  research  to  give  a definite 'YES' or 
      'NO' (to BC risk)?  Unless  someone  can  prove  to you that wearing
      a bra has health  benefits,  consider  throwing  yours away.  If you
      decide  to  keep  yours,  find  the  most comfortable one but do not
      wear more than 12 hours/day; and do not sleep with one.
      Your library should have    Dressed to Kill (Sydney Singer).

   8. Saunas - sweat removes  toxins from the body;  since it also removes
      good  minerals  (e.g. potassium)  from your body, replace the 'sauna
      deficit' by  drinking  mineral  water ( that you bring ) during your
      sauna session.  Do  not  overdo  saunas.  Pregnant  women (including
      12 months after birth) should avoid both saunas and 'hot-tubs'.

   9. Venereal  Disease ( STD ), is  it  for  you?  "Each  year 12 million
      new  cases  of  sexually  transmitted  diseases, including 3 million
      teenageers, occur in the United States, with population rates higher
      that  in  any  other  developed  country.  In 1995, 5 of the 10 most
      frequently  reported  diseases  in  the  United States were sexually
      transmitted, accounting  for  87  percent of the diseases reportable
      to the Centers  for  Disease  Control  and Prevention." (Book Review
      of          The  Hidden  Epidemic:  Confronting Sexually Transmitted
      Diseases,  Edited  by  Thomas R. Eng and William T. Butler, National
      Academy  Press,  1997,  $39.95,   ISBN  0-309-05495-8;  book  review
      by  Dr.  Thomas  S.  Quinn,  New  England Journal of Medicine, 1997;
      vol. 337, pp. 1177-1178).   Venereal Disease is the old term for STD 
      as is 'promiscuous' the old term for 'sexually active'. One possible
      side-effect  of  STD  is  sterility.  Imagine  becoming sterile as a
      childless  young  woman.  To  make  a  long  and very gruesome story
      short, promiscuity  is 'health dumb' and monogamy is 'health smart'.
      Anyone  following  the  'promiscuity path'  is entering a very large
      'germ pool'; this  is  one  pool  into  which you should not want to

      Quinn TS, [book review of The Hidden Epidemic: Confronting Sexually
        Transmitted Diseases], NEJM, 1997; 337:1177-1178
      Ebrahim S, Mortality Related to Sexually Transmitted Diseases in
        US Women, 1972 through 1992, American J Public Health, 1997;

  10. Periodic Testing - Why should you  have thorough medical tests every
      1, 2, or 3 years, if  you  live  a healthy life-style?  If you had a
      nickel for everyone  who has become very and suddenly ill within one
      year  of  saying  'never  been  really  sick  a day in my life', you
      would  be  rich.  You're  only  eating  organic  food,  but discover
      that you've been  eating  genetically  engineered soy bean products.
      That new  paint  job  is  releasing  mercury  vapors  that  you  are
      breathing.  Hunching over  at  your  desk  may be putting a curve in
      your spine.  There  are  literally  thousands  of man-made chemicals
      in  the  air  you  breathe. Medical testing is a very large  subject      
      that  can  not  be  adequately  covered  in  a  few  hundred  words.
      However, the following pointers may prove useful to you:

      a. at  least  once  a  year  have  a  GOOD  chiropractor check  your
         spine; never leave a chiropractor's  office  without  asking  for
         one or two exercises for your back.
      b. generally prefer tests that are non-invasive and non-destructive;
         Each medical X-ray is  slightly  destructive and  who  is keeping
         track of your total lifetime medical X-ray dose?  Answer: no one.
         There  are  without doubt  situations  where  this  slight  X-ray
         damage  is  more  than  justified.   Two  non-destructive  tests:
         hair  analysis  and  urine  analysis.  Hair  analysis can be used
         to identify people with  excess levels of lead, mercury, cadmium,
         nickel,  aluminum,  arsenic, etc.  Some  hair (normally from your 
         head)  is  cut  off and  analyzed; this  is non-invasive and non-
         destructive and (in 1999) generally  costs in the range $40-$100.
      c. at  least  once  every  three  years ( 1 or 2 years better ) have
         testing  done  that analyzes all major organs in your body.  Will
         this  cost  thousands  of  $$$s per visit?  No!  Your author is a
         firm 'believer'  in  EAV  ( and VEGA ) testing  from personal and
         family  experience.  If  you  ask  a  conventional  doctor  about
         EAV ( Electro  Acupuncture  according  to  Voll ) or VEGA, he may
         call  it  ' voodo ' or witchcraft.  As a patient, you should only
         be  impressed  by  diagnostic  tools  that  provide you with good
         results.  EAV, 'believe  it  or  not', can  not  only diagnose an
         illness, but  it  can  also  identify likely remedies.  A perfect
         tool  for  all  diseases?  No.  EAV  is non-invasive (acupuncture
         points are  touched  with  a  probe  with  NO  skin penetration).
         For every  body  organ  there  is at least one acupuncture point,
         so  the  EAV  practitioner  ( often a naturopath ) will touch the
         probe to many  different  acupuncture  points  to  do a full body
         scan.  Any  organ  or  body  system  that  EAV  can not diagnose?
         A top EAV naturopath informed  me  that EAV was a poor diagnostic
         tool  for  spine,  muscles  and  eyes.  The  biggest  problem  is
         finding  an EAV practitioner! You can ask your local naturopathic
         association  for  the  names  of  EAV practitioners.  Is there an
         alternative  to  EAV?  Yes,  a  diagnostic  tool  called  'VEGA',
         which  in  your  author's  opinion, is  a  very  useful tool, but
         not  as  powerful  as  EAV.  Like  EAV, VEGA uses  a  device that
         measures 'electrical impulses'.  Both EAV and VEGA machines  have
         numbered meters that the practitioner reads.

         Gerber R, [book] Vibrational Medicine
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           Medicine, American J Acupuncture, 1974:80-93

copyright Brent Rooney ( [email protected] )