Chapter E1. Motivating your Daughter to get health 'smarts' -
   If  you, MOM, are  healthy  and  happy, is  it  more  likely that your
   daughter will follow your example?  There are only two answers to that
   question, yes  and  YES.  If you  want 'Leontyn' to  eat healthy, then
   junk food gets tossed out of the  window and you eat mostly vegetarian
   (fresh and ORGANIC) food.  As  a  motivator for you and 'Leontyn', the
   food MUST be TASTY!!!  The  following  cookbooks  'deliver'  healthy &
   The Garden of Eden Longevity Diet (Dr. A. V. Constantini; order:
      [email protected])
   The Airola Diet and Cookbook (Dr. Paavo Airola)

   Of course, you are  doing  a lot  of  exercise and feeling happier and
   healthier as a result; one  component  of helping  depressed people is
   getting them to exercise more (but  avoid  health  damaging  excessive
   exercise).  The  best  exercise  is one that you ENJOY, challenges you
   aerobically, and  does not threaten your joints.  Avoid sports on hard  
   surfaces (e.g. tennis  on  hard courts).  If  you must  jog, buy  good
   running shoes and jog on grass; better to get shoes dirty than wrecked
   joints.  Some sports that are good aerobically and are not hard on the

    cross country skiing (and 'Nordic-Track')       
    water jogging
    bicycling (and stationary biking)
    BRISK walking

   At least once a year have a good chiropractor examine  your spine.  If 
   their is a problem, you can ask him if the sport you most emphasize is
   contributing to the problem.

   What else to show by example?
     You are:
     1. taking supplements (vitamins, herbs, minerals, etc.)
     2. take time to relax and get much restful sleep
     3. avoid all the dumb things (booze, cigarettes,  coffee, excess sun
        bathing, amalgam fillings, junk food, etc.)
     4. in a happy marriage with both partners faithful
     5. in a house and neighborhood not threatened by pollution
     6. not talking about health 24 hours  a day  but  it is an important
        part of life
     7. breastfeeding your babies in the  presence of your older children
     8. once or twice year doing a short  (4-7 days) juice fast (assuming
        fasting 'agrees' with you) under a  doctor's supervision
     9. having periodic checkups to verify your health status
    10. discussing latest medical research reports in the news

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