Chapter A1. Escape From Breast Cancer (The Play)

(The  following  play  is  for entertainment  value only.  Do not make any
changes  affecting your health  without first consulting a trusted medical
                  Escape from Breast Cancer - (a Play) 
          (How a Young Girl took control of her health & life)
Forward to Escape from Breast Cancer -

     Every mom wants to see her daughter to enjoy a healthy and productive
life. Certainly, moms want daughters to avoid breast cancer (& other 'ship
wrecks'). Instead of giving long boring list of do's and 'avoids', much of
this  information  is  presented  as a play (with no thoughts of winning a
Pulitzer Prize)

     While others visualize 'world  peace',  Leontyn visualizes a healthy,
happy, and productive  life for herself,  husband and soon to be children.
Here's the 'PLAY' that Leontyn sees:
Act 1, Scene 1 'Flashback':
     (I, Leontyn, have  just  graduated  from  college  at age 19 and have
married my  sweetheart  Mark, solid,  cute  and  with  a  sense  of humor. 
During a Sunday  picnic I did a little daydreaming)
  Slide 1: eight year old Leontyn scores  the  game  winner  in  her first
           soccer game
  Slide 2: aunt Diedrye, who was always  so cheerful,  has a lumpectomy to
           remove a cancerous  breast tumor. Mom remarks that Diedrye is a
           big meat eater, 'couch potato'  and never had children
  Slide 3: mom sits me down and  tells  me  that  the 'Big BC' runs in the
           family  so  I'm going  to  have to watch my 'health P's & Q's':
           no red meat or pork, keep active  in sports, pure water,  fresh
           organic food, vitamin/mineral pills as 'extra insurance'; later,
           if you want kids, have one 'early' (before  age  24,  before 20  
           even better).  mom  says  I  have  to use the 'RED triangle' to
           slash my BC risk:

                Reproductive/Hormonal factors         R
                Exercise                           E
                Diet                                    D

           The 'RED triangle' is not everything, but is the foundation
           of  my  'house of health'.  Mom  said that if I 'optimized'
           (she talked like an engineer)  each of  the 'points' in the
           'RED triangle', I would reduce my BC  risk by at least 80%.
           More importantly, I would reduce my  odds of having a heart 
  Slide 4: five months past my  sixteenth  birthday  I  have  my first 
           period.  some of my friends  had theirs  before age 12; but
           I've read that puberty  that early  increases  BC  risk  by 
           roughly 20%. More digging  has  gleaned  that  each year of
           vigorous exercise delays puberty by  5 months. Also, a  low 
           fat vegetarian  diet is another 'delay path'.[puberty after
           15 reduces your BC risk  by  perhaps 15-20% versus  puberty
           before  age  12; in  the  U.S.  in  1860 the average age of
           puberty for girls was between 16 and 17 years!!!]

  Slide 5: still  five  months  past  sixteen  I  graduate  from  high 
           school. The  first  eight years of education  were via home 
           schooling.  I give  the  graduation  commencement  address:
           Recapturing  Time-Tested  Values.  Good  applause but a few
           call  me  'judgemental'.  My  response:  Mother  Nature  is
           the final authority; if  your  'life CONTENT' leads to poor
           health, judge  Mother  Nature has given you the old 'thumbs

  Slide 6: College begins. Unlike that dropout,  Bill  Gates, I expect
           to graduate; but I would not mind being in the  same income
           bracket as $Bill$, so I start a consulting  business on the
           INTERNET. Since being scared by the threat of BC, I've done
           tremendous 'digging' on the topic of PREVENTING  BC so it's
           time to start cashing in.

  Slide 7: I 'accidently' trip Mark and he asks me for a date.  I tell
           him I only have raisins. After he gives me a quizzical look
           , I agree to a date.
Act 2, Scene 1 (Doctor's office.  Enter  Dr. Sarah  Sharp)
  Sharp:   Leontyn, as you thought,  you're pregnant.  I do not expect any
           serious  problems.  The tests we did for you before  conception
           showed a  strong  immune  system and very low toxin levels.  As
           you likely  know, by  having a first full-term pregnancy before
           age 24, you've reduced your BC risk substantially.  You're just
           19. If you had  waited  until  after  age  35  for  your first,
           your BC risk would have roughly doubled (compared to age 19).

  Leontyn: Let's repeat those tests to be  double  sure  I'm  still a good 
           'home' for Clare (or will  it be Chuck?).  Any  recommendations
           regarding  diet, supplements,  and exercise?

  Sharp:   Your  diet  is excellent  (immune  boosting and BC protective).
           It's  high  in  fiber, the  fat  is  15-20% of total  calories,
           vegetarian  with the bulk of it  being  fresh and organic (some
           coming from your own garden).  You  eat  a  lot of soy products
           AND KELP to boost your IODINE  levels.  A  side  benefit of the 
           vegetarian  diet  is  much  'cleaner'  milk  for breastfeeding.
           You've  always  taken  potent  multi-vitamin  tablets.  But  I
           think you should  bump up your folic acid  for added insurance;
           (your 'multi' has 1 mg  of  folic  acid). [a truly healthy diet
           with  supplements  will  chop  your BC risk by a (conservative)
  Leontyn: I think  you  mean  folic  acid to protect Clare against neural
           tube defects.  What do you suggest?
  Sharp:   You're big on cruciferous veggies  (broccoli, Brussels sprouts,
           cabbage, cauliflower) from  your  concerns about family BC. So,
           keep that up but also dig into (ORGANIC) asparagus, lima beans,
           Irish potatoes,  spinach, lettuce, brewer's  yeast, FRESH wheat 
           germ, mushrooms,  and nuts.  Take one multi-vitamin  for break-
           fast and one  for  your evening  meal.  Your multi-vitamin also
           has good amounts of zinc and magnesium.  There is much credible
           evidence  that adequate  folic acid  reduces  DNA mutations and
           thus, is a likely cancer preventer. You're a vegetarian &  some
           of 'you folk' are short of vitamin B12.  While you're pregnant,
           supplement  your  diet  with  spirulina.   I almost  forgot  to
           mention,  since  cooking  can  destroy  B-vitamins  ( including
           folic acid); best  to  eat  most  vegetables  raw.  Since  your
           excellent  vitamin  supplement  'regime'  was  in  place before
           conception (and you'll keep it up) you've  reduced your odds of
           a very preterm birth by about 83%.

  Leontyn: Exercise, should I give up rugby?
  Sharp:   You should give  up  pulling  my  leg.  You've  been  averaging
           30-35 minutes of  vigorous  exercise  daily, thus reducing your
           heart disease  risk  sharply and slashing your BC risk by about
           26%.  Once you  have  your  FIRST  birth,  keeping up the 30-35
           minutes will bump the BC risk reduction to 72%(!) (marriage has
           its advantages).  During the  remainder  of your pregnancy it's
           probably best to emphasize one of the safest forms of exercise,
           swimming. I know you like suanas and 'hot-tubs'. While pregnant
           and until  about  12  months  after birth avoid both since they 
           increase the risk of birth defects and infection.
  Leontyn: I want to breastfeed Clare for 3 years minimum & have done some
           reading about it. But whom would you recommend  to advise me on
           the practical  aspects?

  Sharp:   Well, I recommend  me, for some of your questions.  Jakki Noble
           of the La Leche  League  lives in your area and undoubtedly can
           answer most of your  questions.  Here's her phone number.  It's
           likely not a big surprise to you that breastfeeding  a  minimum 
           of 3  years reduces your odds  of  contracting  BC  by  perhaps
           30%-40%.  The  more  'nursing'  the  greater the BC protection. 
           Also, there is some evidence  that your breastfed daughter will
           have roughly a 26%  reduced  BC  risk; but give her at least 12 
           months of mom's milk to get that benefit.
  Leontyn: I do not intend to vaccinate 'Clare' after reading and thinking
           about  the  book  Vaccination  (Viera Scheibner, PhD).  She has 
           50,000 pages of medical  journal articles to back her up. I can
           understand  why establishment  types fear to debate her.

  Sharp:    Vaccinations are a controversial  topic. Certainly, virtually
            everyone  who has a vaccination  should have an ascorbic acid
            IV 'shot' right before the 'main event' to reduce toxic side-
            effects.  My daughters,  all  very  healthy,  never  had  any
            vaccinations; as you may know, doctors and their families are
            one of the LEAST VACCINATED  groups.  I  know about your keen
            interest  and knowledge  about health and I expect 'Clare' to
            have a strong immune system, with a big  boost from long term
            breastfeeding. Of course you want to have her tested at least
            once a year to ascertain her immunity status.  I do recommend
            HOMEOPATHIC  vaccinations  which are safe (and no needle).

  Leontyn:  Some relatives are pressuring  mom to have a yearly mammogram  
            now that she is 50 years old.  Do you think she should?
  Sharp:    In a future age when the bulk of people pursue optimum health,
            mammograms  will  be on the scrap  heap.  However,  currently  
            mammograms may be  justified  for some women  over age 49.  I
            think  there are superior  technologies  to mammography  that 
            will identify  'pre-cancerous' conditions  well ahead of when
            the cancer will likely  occur. One of these is a NON-INVASIVE
            diagnostic  tool called EAV.  Why  don't  you and your mother
            make an appointment  and we can discuss it.
  Leontyn:  Do you agree with my mom that the  'RED Triangle' is  the key
            to woman's health?
  Sharp:    Does the sun rise in the East?  If  you want do double your
            risk of breast cancer, ovarian  cancer, endometrial  cancer,
            and increase your risk of osteoporosis? If 'yes', then have
            no children.  During her pregnancy  and  in  the  12 months
            following term birth a woman slashes  her  suicide  risk by
            over 50%.  Not having any births  also  increases a woman's
            risk of uterine fibroids and thus, hysterectomy.  There  is
            strong evidence that  vigorous  consistent  exercise  and a
            healthy diet reduce not only breast  cancer risk but reduce
            'all-cause' mortality.
  Leontyn:  OK.  Any parting words?
  Sharp:    GARLIC!
  Leontyn:  As an underarm  deodorant?
  Sharp:    No, crush it, eat it & make sure Mark eats it too. That way
            neither of you will notice  anything  'off'  on  the other.  
            GARLIC  has  antioxidants  (selenium  and germanium), anti-
            biotic compounds and other 'goodies'.

  Leontyn:  You know more than 'Dear Abby'. I'm off to see midwife Maime.
Act 2, Scene 2 (Bing Crosby  Swimming  Pool, Mark and Leontyn are water-
  Mark:     Is this how Mark Spitz got his start?
  Leontyn:  You're off the mark on that.
  Mark:     Why the glum look today,  mon ami?
  Leontyn:  BC rates are still going up and the best 'they' can suggest is
            mammograms  and self-examination.
  Mark:     But your  clients  are  going 'great guns'  preventing BC; why
            do you not expand your 'circle'?
  Leontyn:  You've earned your salt today, 'spitzy'..
Act 2, Scene 3 (Public lecture hall in Seattle, Washington)
  Leontyn:  So, in summary, young moms: if you want  a  healthy  daughter
            with a healthy heart and greatly reduced risk of BC, assemble
            a 'RED triangle' .  In extremely brief form:
              Reproductive factors - (a first birth before age 24, long
                term breastfeeding, a second birth before age 30, no
                induced abortions, no ESTROGEN therapy, no ESTROGEN birth
                control pills)
            Exercise - at least 3.8 hours/week of vigorous exercise since
                 age 8 or 9
            Diet - vegetarian, fresh, organic, unrefined, and TASTY

            Some specifics in your overall plan for your daughter's
            1. breastfeed her 2 years minimum  (3 years better)
            2. encourage  her  to  vigorously exercise (but she should not
               over do it);  set her a good example
            3. an optimum vegetarian  (& TASTY!) diet with super foods and
               supplements  (at least a potent  multi-vitamin)
            4. a happy marriage with hubby will encourage her to pursue the
               same; mental health is part of the virtuous circle of health
            5. educate  your  daughter  about  reproductive  health  ( see 
               handout) including the importance  of an early  FIRST birth
            6. live in the cleanest environment possible (rural is better)
            7. PURE water; reverse  osmosis  and  distillation  are proven
            8. your daughter and you should get some (20-30 minutes) early
               morning  sun without sun-screen
            9. enjoy yourself  and relax, OR ELSE!

            Are there any questions?
        Q:  Is there anything a young woman  in her early  twenties can do
            to fight the 'Big BC'?
        L:  Do not fight British  Columbia, fight heart disease and breast
            cancer.  If  you build up your health, you'll reduce your odds 
            of contracting  BC  or heart disease.   I have already  talked  
            about  the  'RED  triangle'  ( Reproductive/Hormonal  factors, 
            Exercise,  optimum Diet).  Just  3.8  hours/week  of  vigorous
            exercise  reduces your breast cancer  risk by roughly 26% (72% 
            after a FIRST birth).  Do NOT take  estrogen  containing birth
            control  pills (or estrogen replacement  therapy - also called
            HRT)  any time in your life.  If  possible,  live  in a 'pure' 
            rural environment.  Do not put anything toxic in your house or
            on/in your body (read labels carefully).  At least  once every
            three years have a hair analysis (non-invasive and affordable)
            to evaluate  your toxic load.  If it reveals  very high levels
            of toxic metals, consider oral or EDTA chelation therapy. Once
            or  twice  a  year  undergo  (under  a doctor's supervision) a
            detoxification regime  (such as JUICE fasting) to flush toxins
            from your system.

        Q:  According  to your theory, one should have a first birth at 16
            and a dozen children to reduce BC risk 'to the max'. Does that
            not make you a reactionary?
        L:  Mother Nature is unimpressed by  labels; she is only impressed
            by health habits that  thwart  the 'grim reaper'.  Every woman
            must be concerned  with  her TOTAL HEALTH (and HAPPINESS), not 
            just one aspect such as breast cancer. If having a first birth
            at, say, age 19 would throw a young  woman  into emotional and
            financial  stress, then she  should avoid  getting pregnant at
            that time. Pregnancies after the FIRST birth afford additional
            BC protection  but a  woman  should only have them if they are 
            a NET benefit to her LIFE!; (only full-term pregnancies are BC

        Q:  What are the best BC-preventing foods?
        L:  Have  you  got  your  pens  and  pencils  ready?   Here  goes:
            almonds,  amaranth,  apples,  apricots,  barley/barley  grass,
            beans,  beet/beet root,  Bok Choy, broccoli, brussels sprouts,
            burdock root,  cabbage, cabbage family,  carrots, cauliflower,
            celery/celery  seeds,  cereal  grasses,  chickpeas,  collards,
            corn, cucumbers,  dandelion,  figs, flax seed, garlic, ginger,
            grapes/raisins, greens,  horseradish,  kale,  lamb's  quarter,
            lentils,  millet,  nuts &  seeds,  oats/oatstraw; oils: canola
            oil, flax seed oil, olive oil, sesame oil; onion, orange peel,
            parsley,  pineapple,  potatoes,  purslane,    radishes/daikon,
            rhubarb,  rice,  rutabaga/swede,  rye,  seasoning  herbs/kelp,
            soybeans,  spinach,  squash,  stinging  nettle,  strawberries,
            sunflower  seeds,  sweet  potatoes,  ( green ) tea,  tomatoes, 
            turnips,  watercress,  wheat/wheat grass, mushrooms (shiitake,
            reishii),  winter  squash,  yogurt.  But  not all at one meal.
            Eating all those foods has given me the memory to recall them
            all.  That list  comes  from  Susan S. Weed's excellent book:
            Breast Cancer? Breast Health!

        Q:  Why did you include soybeans in that list?
        L:  Not only do soybean  products (e.g.s. soy milk & soy  yogurt)
            reduce  breast  cancer  risk  for  you, but hubby reduces his
            odds of contracting prostate cancer. Japanese are big soybean
            product consumers.

        Q:  What about flax oil?
        L:  Omega-3 oil in  flax  oil  is BC protective. Twice a day I mix
            one tablespoon of flax oil with 4 tb. of either organic yogurt 
            or Quark and mix until the flax color disappears;  this  combo
            improves  assimilation.  I use it as a topping. There are also
            'balanced'  oil products  that have flax oil included.  Do NOT
            heat oils! (Extra virgin olive oil is another healthy oil, but
            it has scant omega-3). Udo Erasmus recommends  only buying oil
            in dark GLASS bottles; read Udo's book - Fats that Heal   Fats
            that Kill.
        Q:  How important is iodine?
        L:  Dr. William Ghent was a very well respected surgeon at Queen's
            University  in Kingston,  Ontario ( Canada ).  He  conducted a
            controlled  study  of  aqueous  iodine.  Women  in  the  group
            consuming  aqueous  iodine  had  50  per  cent  less  BC  than 
            expected.  Dr. Ghent's  results  for  humans  further validate
            earlier animal  studies of Dr. Bernard Eskin.

        Q:  What are natural  sources of iodine?
        L:  Kelp (sprinkle  it over your main course), dulse, Swiss chard,
            turnip  greens, GARLIC, seafood, fish liver  oils, watercress,
            pineapple, pears, artichokes,  citrus  fruits  and  egg  yolks
            (from free range eggs).  Kelp  often  helps overweight  people
            lose 'excess baggage'.

        Q: Your 'RED Triangle' may  cover  the  'big'  bases but there are
           other risks such  as  excess  medical X-rays, smoking, alcohol,
           VD, dark hair dyes, silicone  breast  implants,  BGH,  electric
           blankets, microwave  ovens,  etc.  Does  not  one  need  a 'RED
           Triangle' and a 'Pink Pentagon'?
        L: You're hired as my research assistant.  Possibly  the best book
           (very  wide ranging and well documented)  on PREVENTING  breast
           cancer is:
             BREAST HEALTH  (Charles  B. Simone, M.D., 1995, Avery Publ.
           Not as wide ranging as Simone's book, but still a marvelous
           book is:
             Breast Cancer? Breast Health! (Susan S. Weed)
           A superb  book on maintaining  general  good health is:
             Return to the Joy of Health (Zoltan P. Rona, M.D., J.M. Martin,
                            alive  books, 1995)
           Dr.  Rona's  breadth  of  health  knowledge is  remarkable and
           co-author Martin provides excellent  recipes  and health tips.
           Rona writes a health  column in ALIVE magazine but he 'always'
           makes the point to letter writers, after providing information 
           about potential remedies, that their individual malady is best
           diagnosed  and treated  by medical professionals (usually ones
           emphasizing  'holistic' or preventative  medicine); (I  prefer 
           the term classical medicine since it is more  accurate).  He's
           right.  Books, magazines,  lectures can provide  useful health
           information, but  the old cliche that  we're  all  individuals
           holds  true  and  thus, you  must check with your doctor first
           before making any change that might affect  your health.

           Thank you all  for  coming, please pick up the handouts.  (The
           handouts contained the following  information:)

        Key to HEALTHY  BREASTS: RED Triangle (Reproductive/Hormonal 
          Factors, Exercise, Diet): 

                        REPRODUCTIVE/HORMONAL Factors
______________________________________ ______________________________________
 Delay puberty (via exercise, diet)     If under age 25 at FIRST birth,
 ALL pregnancies FULL-TERM!!              breastfeed that baby for an abso-
 Early FIRST birth (before age 24         lute minimum  of one year 
   good, before age 20 better)          Take prenatal vits. min. 6 months 
 No birth control bills with ESTROGEN   BF each baby 2 years minimum
 As many children as consistent with    Contact La Leche League BEFORE birth
   your health & happiness; more          for BF info. & after if BF problems
   births = less BC risk                Brewer's yeast and herbs blessed
                                          thistle, nettle, fennel, rasp-
 No HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy      berry leaf & fenugreek enhance
   with Estrogen); alternative:           milk 'flow'
   NATURAL Progesterone (CREAM only)    Eat GARLIC & your milk is tastier
 Avoid promiscuity                      A tight bra will reduce your milk
 NO DRUGS except for emergencies          output & may reduce lymphatic flow
 NO med. X-rays bef. age 16, rare after  As much rest/relaxation as poss.
 Books: Menopause without Medicine      Books: Nursing Your Baby (Karen
       (Linda Ojeda, Ph.D.)                   Pryor and Gale Pryor)
                   Pregnancy & Childbirth Tips (Gail Dahl)
 ____________________________________ ______________________________________
               DIET                                EXERCISE              
  High fiber, low fat (15% of cals.)   Start vigorous exercise before age 9
             Vegetarian                Average at least 33 minutes/day
  (ORGANIC, fresh, unrefined)          Also: stretching & some weight lftg.
    vegetables, (grains, beans, nuts,  Best aerobic  sports:
    seeds, lentils), fruits:             rebounding on a mini-trampoline
      GARLIC, onions, kelp,                (use a jogging motion)
      (flax oil, extra virgin olive      X-country skiing (& Nordic-Track)
      oil)  unheated, apples, ginger,    water-jogging
      soy products, green tea, spelt,    'Stairmaster'
      broccoli,  Brussels sprouts,       stationary  bike
      cabbage, cauliflower, apricots,    soccer on GRASS
      cantaloupe, carrots, millet,       walking
      pink grapefruit, yogurt, etc.         
    Allergy foods: milk, eggs, wheat,
      corn, pork, beef, citrus, peanuts
      , chocolate, etc.                  Books: Jumping for Health
    50-75% of food eaten raw; steam         Dr. Morton Walker) - book
      cooking next best                     about rebounding
  6-10 glasses of pure water daily          Stretching (Bob Anderson,
  Books: Total Breast Health (Keuneke)        1980)
   Return to the Joy of health (Rona)      
   The Airola Diet and Cookbook (Airola)
   Optimum Sports Nutrition (Colgan)                              
______________________________________ ______________________________________
Act 3, Scene 1 (Mark and Leontyn are mountain climbing in the year 2025)
  Mark:     Did you think you could make it to the top?
  Leontyn:  Is the Pope Catholic? The real challenge  WAS defeating breast
            cancer.  It  peaked  in  2004 at one woman in 7. Women are now
            making smart CHOICES: early FIRST birth, all pregnancies full-
            term; pre-teens are exercising and are on optimum diets (later
            puberty as a result). 
            Virtually  all new moms are breastfeeding newborns at least 18
            months.  Breast  cancer rates in women  under age 40 have been
            slashed  dramatically  which portends  well  for  the  future.
  Mark:     Who  made  the  biggest  difference  in turning the 'BC tide'?
  Leontyn:  Some keys come to mind:
              Breast Health (book by Dr. Charles B. Simone) - a superb
                tome true to its title
              How to Prevent Breast Cancer (Dr. Vinton C. Vint, et al.)
              ALIVE magazine -   the  first  major  health  magazine  to
              fully address the importance of reproductive health and BC
  Mark:     But what about the  older  generation  who made dumb CHOICES?
  Leontyn:  That's a question  mark  (pun intended).  Certainly,  most of
            these women should exercise at least 3.8 hours/week, strictly
            reduce their toxin exposure, use a NATURAL progesterone cream,
            etc. My mom, who made smart choices, for a little extra insur-
            ance takes melatonin  and  DHEA; she always  double checks my
            suggestions with her prevention oriented  doctor first before
            making any changes.  There is a doctor in Eastern  Canada who
            even puts breast  cancer patients into remission  via a vegan
            diet and  all natural  supplements.  But PREVENTION  is still
            the main key.  On to the next mountain!
                               End of Play
 The  preceding play was for entertainment  value only.  No person should
 make any  change affecting  her  health without receiving  advice from a
 medical  professional; references  that  support  the ideas presented in
 this play  can  be  found in the REFERENCE chapter (R) at  the very end.

copyright Brent Rooney ( [email protected] )