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"Water, like energy, is a valuable resource that is too frequently squandered. Fresh, clean water is scarce and getting more so: of all the water on earth, less than 3 percent is fresh, and all but three-thousandths of that is locked up in glaciers or icecaps or is too deep in the earth to retrieve. Of the freshwater available in rivers, lakes, and accessible groundwater, an increasingly large fraction is polluted with biological, chemical, and radioactive contaminants.

Most governments,utilities, and water users are making the same mistakes with water that they have made with energy: depleting nonrenewable supplies, using the highest-quality water for every task, supplying more instead of making more productive use of what they have, building big water infrastructure systems without considering what the best size is for the job, and failing to protect and take advantage of the services ecosystems provide. These "hard path" approaches are increasingly unaffordable and harmful to the environment. "
-- From Rocky Mountain Institute (


The EPA Office of Water Management
This site promotes water conservation planning. There are a number of topics, related to water management, that are discussed at this site, including: drought management, water conservation planning, water recycling and reuse, water pricing, and water conserving fixtures.

WaterWiser: The Water Efficiency Clearinghouse
The WaterWiser site is a clearinghouse of water conservation information. This site has a pragmatic orientation towards water conservation and has a variety of links to water conservation projects and tips for conserving water.

This site contains good technical information. The CUWCC focuses on best management practices for water conservation and has been able to get a number of water providers to sign a MOU agreeing to BMP implementation by 2002.

Water Magazine
This New Zealand based water site has quite of bit of material on water management issues of all kinds. There is a blend of academic and popular literature which covers a wide variety of topics related to water and waste water.


This site, hosted by CERES, contains an excellent list of resources / links on watershed planning related to the California Watershed Information Technical System. It's resources include community involvement in watershed planning, the process of developing a watershed plan and best management practices.


Stream Restoration
This site, hosted by the Federal Interagency Stream Corridor Restoration Working Group, a group of federal American agencies, has a wealth of information on streams and restoration processes. It covers information on stream corridors, effects of disturbances, developing restoration plans, restoration design and construction / rehabilitation.


Constructed Wetlands
This site, hosted by the EPA's Office of Water, has 17 case studies of wetlands of various sizes, designed for wildlife habitat objectives, ranging over many types of climate and geography. As well, the site has good supporting material on a range of related issues.


This site, hosted by a single individual, contains everything you want to know about greywater, including scientific information about the nature of greywater, a thorough scoping of many technologies available to deal with it, a series of case studies and a methodology for planning a grewater management system. It includes many diagrams and pictures that are easy to understand.

Home Use of Greywater, Rainwater Conserves Water...
This site, hosted by the Water Resources Research Centre at the University of Arizona, explores many aspects of water and graywater, providing an easy to read summary of most issues along with examples and facts.

SustainableBuilding Sourcebook: Guidelines
This site is part of the excellent Austin Green Builder Program and covers many facts and numerous methods of dealing with greywater through various technologies, including design diagrams.


San Francisco Bay / Sacramento /San Joaquin Delta: GIS
This site has an good list of GIS related information for the SanFrancisco Bay Area that can be used as a reference for similar work elsewhere.


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