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    Operating from the premise that in natural systems, there is no waste, Industrial Ecology is a theoretical framework to examine environmental and efficiency flaws in existing industrial operations, but also to guide the development of new systems. One of the goals of IE is to model industrial systems on natural ecosystems, in which waste products from one process are inputs for another. Since the late 1980s it has burgeoned into an acceptable academic field, with numerous practitioners , a peer reviewed journal and annual conferences.

Cornell Eco-Industrial Development Program
Information on how to design an eco-industrial park, excellent links to websites of existing parks, articles on Industrial Ecology.

Canadian Eco-Industrial Network
A membership association of public and private organizations designed to serve as an information clearinghouse for eco-industrial network developers and practitioners in Canada. The website has a list of upcoming events, members, quite small "library" with a list of relevant articles, theses and websites, information about the publication, EcoIndustrial advantage, and list of upcoming workshops and events. Perfect for networking information in Canada, short on in-depth theory.

Journal of Industrial Ecology
A refereed, academic journal published by MIT press. Contents and abstracts are available for free; full access to subscribers only.

International Society of Industrial Ecology
A new and needed organization, the mission of the ISIE is to promote the use of industrial ecology in research, education, policy, community development, and industrial practices. Thin on really useful research material, the website does have a list of job postings, events, conferences, as well as membership information.

Greenbiz Industrial Ecology Resources
Enter "industrial ecology" into the search function on this site, and the 48 resulting sites will take you from news articles, case studies, to academic, engineering and technical resources. Thorough, varied, but not overwhelming.

Indigo Development
Indigo is a research and consulting and is a major player in consulting for eco-industrial park development. The site has an excellent definition of industrial ecology, a bibliography, scenarios, tools, and more links.

Guide to Financial Resources for Eco-Industrial Parks (EIPs)
Hosted by, an American coalition of developers, planners, government officials, lending institutions, community development organizations, architects, environmentalists and community activists all stakeholders.


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