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The Resources area of the site is expected to be continually evolving. Several topic or theme areas have been identified and are currently being developed. Over time we expect to develop various topic areas such that each includes:

  • An overview of the role or importance of the topic in eco-design and a brief introduction to the main issues and concerns;
  • Links to sites which provide general orientation to the area;
  • Links to portal or Index sites for further detailed information;
  • Links to special focus sub-topics in the area;
  • Cases studies, practical examples (by way of links or member
  • contributions); and
  • Local contact information.
All links to resources will be reviewed and summarized prior to posting to the site so that you have some idea (and assurance) of where you may arrive.

Your suggestions and recommendations are welcome! Please contact us with your ideas.


Coming Soon:

  • Funding
  • Green Design Pro Formas
  • Guidelines, Principles, Indicators
  • Materials
  • Mobility; Transportation
  • Public Participation
  • Social Marketing
  • Waste Management