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United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development.
Contains full-text of international agreements and committments such as Agenda 21, Montreal Protocol etc. This is a good site if you are looking for an overview of the global context for sustainable development and what is driving the sustainable development agenda at the international level.

International Institute for Sustainable Development.
A large collection of resources on sustainable development. A good starting point covering the subject area of sustainable development.

This site contains :

  • The SD gateway - 1200 on line documents related to SD.
  • The sustainability web-ring - a unique navigational device that allows users to browse swiftly through member sites.
  • A roster of SD mailing lists
  • Several news sites
  • A calendar of events

Redefining Progress

This is the site of the Redefining Progress movement and contains extensive information rethinking many policy issues from a sustainable point of view. It has a lot of information on ecological footprinting.

National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) at
With programs in energy, agriculture and communities, NCAT provides information on sustainable technologies and community-based approaches that can help improve the lives of economically disadvantaged people.


Sustainable Communities Network
This site has a wealth of information about sustainable communities including 'smart growth', brownfield redevelopment and infill development. One of the best features is a toolkit of resources that includes model ordinances, regulations and templates that can assist in sustainable urban planning, governance and green building. This site also hosts the Smart-growth Network.

Key aspects of the site include:

  • Creating Community;
  • Smart Growth;
  • Growing a Sustainable Economy;
  • Protecting Natural Resources;
  • Governing Sustainably; and
  • Living Sustainably.

Sustainable Architecture, Business & Culture

This is the very large site from Sustainable ABC - full of an extensive list of resources. It includes extensive information on a wide variety of topics, some of which include: Air and Water Quality; Appropriate Technology; Architecture; Bioregionalism; Deep Ecology; Eco Villages; Building Materials; Embodied Energy; Environmental Education; Permaculture; Green Building Materials; Transportation; Case Studies and many others.

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