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Sustainable Community Design

This site is hosted by the University of Manitoba and contains excellent information on a range of examples of more sustainable communities around North America and Europe. It also looks at the features of sustainable communities in general including: building ecology, landscape ecology, community design, energy, water and sewage, transportation, waste and recycling, community management and economic viability. This is an excellent summary of key issues in sustainable community design.

Sustainable SanFrancisco
This site is excellent overall, and this particular section contains many excellent links to other organizations, initiatives and resources promoting sustainable development. Issues covered include: Air quality, biodiversity, Energy, Ozone, Climate, Food and Agriculture, Hazardous Materials, Human Health, Parks and Open Space, Solid Waste, Transportation, Water and Waste Water, Economic Development, Environmental Justice, Risk Management, Municipal Expenditures, Civic Renewal, Bioregionalism, Post materialism and general public information.

Green Communities
This is a high-energy site hosted by the EPA, that offers a toolkit for those who want to develop a green community. The toolkit includes resources for: community assessment, trends analysis, developing a vision statement, developing and implementing action plans, as well as a good flowchart of the process and green community checklist.

John T Lyle Centre For Regenerative Studies
This site is hosted by the California State Polytechnic University's Centre for Regenerative Studies, based on the work of the late great John T Lyle. The centre is an excellent example itself of sustainable design principles and practices. The site describes its principles, processes and systems.

Center for Livable Communities
The Center for Livable Communities helps local governments and community leaders be proactive in their land use and transportation planning, and adopt programs and policies that lead to more livable and resource-efficient land use patterns. The Center is a partner in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Smart Growth Network. Contains lots of additional links and details regarding Community Design, Transportation, Economic Development, Environment, Energy, Waste Prevention, People and Community.

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