Thursday, September 11, 2010

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The Plan

Economic SecurityHow to have a usufruct lifestyle

Included in this presentation are
The end of money
A keep it simple introduction
Reorganizing a continent
The mystery of money

Comments on widely discussed topics
An article by the first ever environmental group
The first publication of Technocracy Inc. Est. 1933 of WA
Decent housing can be provided for all North Americans.
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FAQ file For those who can best gain an understanding of something via asking questions there is a massive questions and answers file. Since the work of the scientist founders of this plan has been studied by thousands of people during the past 75 years many questions have been asked by the citizenry the answers can be found in the Q & A file.

An e-book, Afta NAFTA. For those who prefer to learn by reading novels. It is an easy to read, well written, story. This author takes the reader on a tour of our Continent in about 2017.

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Some history:
in 1919 two things became apparent to the federal administration of the United States of America One was that due to the technology installed during World War One America was able to produce more than ever with a much smaller work force. Machines were doing the work of people on a scale which had not even been contemplated. Secondly only a small percentage of people would return to rural America from whence they came. The scientific community was asked by president Woodrow Wilson what societal results could be expected. The Continent wide investigation was directed from Columbia University. When the scientific community's astounding results were made known to the administration it was decided that the information was to be kept from the public. The consensus of the scientific community was: that the then current (1923) pre-technological social system would soon become un-viable! The man `in charge' of the research project Howard Scott wanted the data preserved and public informed. He founded a group in order to achieve this. During the next decade the members (scientists) synthesized a new social design which would be compatible with the advent of technology. In 1933 the group was incorporated as a non-profit educational and research membership Organization. The current members are now the caretakers of a social design which is as usable as it was when the foremost scientists of this Continent first devised it.

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About webmaster David Ravlin (DFR) heís hip and hereís his trip. Heís a futuristic educator, being well trained in such maters, his science based depiction of our next most probable method of social operation here in North America makes it plain to any rational person that the future WILL be friendly. He says that we not only can but will be able to solve all major social problems and in plenty of time to forestall the widely speculated upon collapse of our ecological environment. He points out that the ability for humankind to deal with mammoth social problems did not exist until the advent of an instant form of communication was available and now we have it the www of internet. That the ability to overcome inequality and strife between the haveís and the have notís did not exist before the advent of technology with its resultant abundance of goods and services. Enough for all! The ability to solve North Americasí major social problems requires a change in our method of acquiring goods and accessing services away from that of the bygone hand tool era wherein we had to have a job to get money to get stuff to one that is compatible with our modern computerized machine age wherein jobs no longer exist for an ever increasing number of people. This can be accomplished by a change in accounting systems from financial accounting which puts a price on everything in terms of money to an energy accounting system which simply denotes the cost of things in terms of energy credits. To make this change we need a plan and we need a widespread educational program so that all North Americans can gain an understanding of the part that they will have in the change. This is what DFR and thousands of other educators are involved in. Not an easy task since everyone is conditioned from birth onwards to the usage of money. DFR is a product of the 1960ís when the seeking of a plan for living without money and its attendant evils was the thing to do. Well, such a plan does exist it is not based upon the wishful thinking of any individual nor the desires of any cult or group but rather is based upon a solid foundation of scientific principles it is therefore a plan that can be used with a probability of success that approaches certainty.

The inclusion of money in all discussions of social problem solving only serves to confuse people as to the real issues at stake. DFR and other hip people wonder how long will lack of ability to think in non-financial terms bar us from the solving of our social problems. So begin checking out this plan for the solving of major social problems now.

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Definition: usufruct - The right to use things that do not belong to you provided that they are not damaged in any way.

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