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It should be understood that our homeless will NEVER, not ever, be housed under the current system of social operation.

All efforts by any individual or group can at best generate housing for a fortunate few but can NEVER eliminate homelessness, but changing from financial accounting to energy accounting and usage of this plan can and as a matter of course will solve the problem of homelessness. This realistic view need not cause those who are active in projects to house the homeless to stop trying. But rather simply spend some time perusing this plan and discussing this plan with others. Job replacing technology is here to stay and so if we are to have a stable, equitable society sweeping changes will be made let us all get started and end the suffering of our homeless fellow citizens ASAP. If we were to put this plan into effect within two years those without homes could be living comfortably and without as much new construction as one may imagine since money will be dis-continued all the buildings now used for financial transactions would be vacant our homeless could just move in after minor renovations. New self contained cities called Eco-density Urbanates will later be constructed at suitable locations across the Continent.

Eco-density is the buzz word now for what the future of housing will be like the originators of the plan foresaw that this type of housing would be part of our future. The word Urbanate and Eco-density housing are synonymous.

Those who are comfortable where they are living would stay where they are.

When this Continents infrastructure has been refurbished to some extent and some Urbanates have been completed our citizens will be free to migrate to areas more to their liking and form INTENTIONAL COMMUNITIES with like people.


Bear in mind that this plan includes one of every hundred humans on earth could be provided with adequate housing and food by 2012 AD. Right now we have a lot of machines that only run for a few hours now and then if we use everything on a 24 hour basis we can build fast. There would be no ownership of anything beyond personal effects in the Urbanates all citizens live a usufruct lifestyle. The Urbanates would have no elected government imposed upon them. Bear in mind that in a situation of shared abundance competition and the resultant conflict would not be happening thus the need for many of our freedom restricting laws and heavy handed cops would not be necessary. Since money in any form would not be used there is no buying or selling, of anything, within the Urbanates therefore crimes like robbery would not happen since anyone can have what another has via energy accounting.

( Images by Jacque Fresco.)

      Between Urbanate cities;                        Electric cars for local use                       Clean air Urbanates


All Urbanates are to be self sustained and grow organic food nearby eliminating most transport of food. Perhaps beyond maintenance there would be no work going on in the first Urbanates they could are for regaining health, est, relaxation, learning, raising children with equal access to everything via energy accounting as a right of being a citizen NO ONE THERE NEED GO WITHOUT ANYTHING THEY REQUIRE.


Functional citizens could reside in the closest Urbanate to where such work is done; for example anyone who wanted to be involved in the making of steel would move to the Steel Urbanate  As the Urbanates are completed any North American citizen can move in. Urbanates would be linked via canals and high speed trains. As to the details of the Urbanates design there are many great people already involved in the planning of such brand new cities.

Note that Urbanates cannot be built until Energy Accounting is adopted on a continental basis.

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The injection of monetary concepts into all discussion of socially important issues wholly confuses the people as to the actual issues at stake. We wonder, how long will peoples' inability to think in non-financial terms and refusal to abandon hand tool era social concepts continue to bar them from the solving of their problems?

Housing for all under the present method of social operation simply will not happen two of the main reasons are  1) Real Estate Speculation: In the city of Vancouver BC Canada those who have the means to purchase housing are prevented from doing so by wealthy corporate speculators who buy up new condominiums and leave them vacant until they can resell them at a profit in April 2009 there were 18 thousand such homes thusly made unavailable so even those who can earn the money to buy a place cannot get one. All over the U.S. of A. tens of thousands of homes are vacant and rotting while the families who purchased them a few years ago have been evicted and are living in tent towns like their grandparents did in the 1930s. Soon Canadian families will be in the same predicament. 2) Migration of the homeless: The number of those who are homeless rises unabated also in Vancouver BC Canada there has been a 20% increase of homeless people over the past three years. What can be done under the present method of social operation to provide for those without jobs and money for rent? Little or nothing as any city that provided housing for all those left out of the wage earning work force would attract all the nations’ poor and would have to continue to build more and more and more places for the jobless and homeless who would be continuously flocking to that city. Under a price system these massive housing costs would be borne by the shrinking proportion of employed in the city.

Check out Lake Mead it is an existing man made lake. Have no doubt
people that mega projects such as the proposed Urbanates can be done, and NOW.

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Growing organic food nearby provides a bonus:
carbon dioxide reduction as a goal Has people running in all directions like chickens with their heads cut off. Since everyone has their own ideas of how they can reduce carbon dioxide emissions no large scale cooperative effort is possible. It should be understood that there simply is no way to actually measure how much carbon dioxide is from plants and how much is from human sources. Check into the figures stated by those you look to for leadership and guidance you will find out that they are extrapolations from computer spreadsheet programs NOT REAL MEASUREMENTS. All the clap trap about international agreements, redesigning cars, using ethanol, et cetera to achieve the goal of significantly reducing carbon dioxide can be forgotten about as a goal, but and get this part, still happen as a result of having organic food grown LOCALLY as our goal an automatic and hugely significant carbon dioxide reduction will be the result. So put another way green house gas reduction should not be thought of as a GOAL but rather something that will be the automatic RESULT of rebuilding our entire physical infrastructure along the lines set out in the plan. The Proposed designs for the Uurbanates (brand new replacement cities;) include provisions for LOCAL organic food production; only things like coffee need be shipped across the Continent and such foods can be moved via canals or electric high-speed rail not fuel burning trucks. Much of the land now covered by blacktop can be returned to natural open land. By now you should be getting the drift of just how important changing to energy accounting is and what it can and will automatically accomplish. Finding out that the occupation which employs most men is now truck driving surprised me and gave me a clue as to where to begin my investigations when one learns that trucking food uses more fossil fuel than our citizens do driving around a real solution becomes obvious, does it not, Plus we get organic food!

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In Canada although there are federal subsidies the amount of a welfare subsistence allowance is set by provincial governments so the nations poor move to areas where they get the most; also in Canada housing is not dealt with by the federal government. Any province or city that provides housing for all their people with low or no income would have to deal with the arrival of the poor of the entire nation, if not the entire world, plus we can safely assume that this is so for all nations, this factor alone makes provincial or local governments reluctant to provide housing for the homeless they just will NEVER do it. Those who work towards getting the homeless off the street should face the fact that without a change to a usufruct lifestyle via the Total Conscription program this will never, never, ever change. Those who come to an understanding of the plan and spend some time informing others of its existence will actually be working towards a way that ALL North Americans can have homes. If you truly care then learn how in the not too distant future we in North America will be able to solve our homeless people problem not just go on mitigating it. Yoo Hoo! we are in a modern world and only modern methods can succeed.

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Note: As to where the first Eco-density Urbanates will be built this is simply speculation intended to give people a broad perspective a glimpse of the big picture no NAU people have been consulted as to where the first Urbanates may get built neither has the route for the trans-continental corridor as suggested here been discussed by engineers these tentative locations for Urbanates were chosen as they have the greatest concentration of people in need of housing. Urbanates should either be built on major existing waterway or where new canals will be dug according to the Continental Hydrology project.

Our reconstruction will require a lot of Iron so an Iron Urbanate could be Urbanate #0 and be built near Peace River AB Canada. (Oil coming from Alaska would pass close to the Iron Urbanate on its way along the trans-Continental corridor.)

For Urbanate #1 where else but Mexico City. It would be a residential Urbanate and could be built near Guanajuato Mexico.

For Urbanate #2 where else but New York City. It would be a residential Urbanate and could be built near Sistersville West Virginia U.S. of A..

These projects include housing and locally grown organic food for perhaps a million citizens at Urbanates one and two. Note that each of the first Technate nation participants  gets an Urbanate.

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