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Interregnum 2012

Presenting © positive aspects of what can be done when the nations of North America are operating as one.

and Canada      and U S of A      and Columbia      and Mexico      

These countries are the first to begin the move towards an advanced continental operation. This describes our next most probable social system. Technologists to govern our technology. We the citizens will govern ourselves, within a truly cashless society. One that uses ENERGY ACCOUNTING. ©

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One definition of science is a methodology for the determination of the most probable.

This is science in the social field. If the scientific method is applied to a social system the form the social system will take can be predicted.
DFR has provided this presentation of the work of a large group of scientists who have been applying their science to the social field for 75 years. So, anyone who gains an understanding of this presentation will be better able to adapt to what is most likely to come.

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Any period during which, for any cause, the executive branch of a government is suspended or interrupted.

Usage of a debit or credit card in place of cash does NOT make a cashless society as it is just cash in another form. What will be described here is a social operation on an advanced Continental scale that does not use cash in any form. Only in a modern computerized society is a life without buying and selling possible. This fascinating presentation details how it will be accomplished.

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