We wonder if you can?


Reliable written records go back about six thousand years. The advent of technology has forever altered the way humans live and there is no precedent for determining what the future will be like. The machine era will not be replaced by another hand tool era and then reappear again, so discard the erroneous assumption that History repeats its self. Since many, perhaps most, humans base what they will do on precedence this fact leaves people without a way to proceed in solving social problems which result from the advent of technology. No matter how many people of whatever capacity get involved it is obvious that hand tool era social operating methods simply cannot successfully be applied in this the machine age. By applying the scientific method to the social scene what life will most probably be like in this the age of technology can and has been determined the results are presented on this web site. It is best that all accept the fact that resistance to the changes brought about by technology is futile which leaves only adaptation as a sensible way to proceed in the solving of human social problems. This web site has been created to facilitate adaptation. May it serve you well? Bear in mind that just as the advent of technology has no precedence in human history a plan for a method of social operation required to control technology for the benefit of everyone has no precedent so all attempts conscious or unconscious to compare this plan to hand tool era plans will most certainly result in confusion and misunderstanding. Make no comparisons to ANY other method of social operation for this plan for living a usufruct lifestyle is unique. Another thing to keep in mind is that the future is friendly. First disregard everything you have learned about human social systems, then open your mind,


then proceed.