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Computers and machines eliminate jobs; from 1990 to 1995 companies dismissed a staggering 17.1 million employees, many of these due to automation. Automation will continue to replace people. And since having a job is the way most people get money it follows that they also will eliminate the using of money! This presentation is about its replacement,

Energy Accounting

An interactive distribution device ( IDD ) could replace money!

Here's how to end the use of money.

Each citizen could have an IDD that would function much like the "debit cards" in use today however instead of dollars it will be energy credits. There are other differences such as instead of the individual being responsible for the replacement of energy credits spent, the energy credits would be replaced automatically every two years. The amounts for each of us would certainly exceed what one could spend without being wasteful or deliberately excessive. The individuals share will NOT be based upon his contribution of work or effort to the total operations of the area. There is no theory of labor `value' or any other `value' involved.  These energy credits will be issued directly to the individual, it is non-transferable, non-negotiable, and therefore cannot be stolen, lost, lent, borrowed, or given away. It is non-cumulative, therefore cannot be saved; it does not bear interest. It need not be used but loses its validity after a designated time period. Females and teens will receive the same amount as the male, and receive it entirely independent of him. These `energy credits' represent equal though not identical purchasing power for every individual living on the North American Continent. In itself it represents nothing of value. It is much in the nature of a blank check.

*** New concepts ***

These energy credits are valid only for the purchase of items individually consumable. It is noteworthy that the means of producing and of distributing goods, or services are not obtainable by ANY individual on this Continent or elsewhere. Thus, no individual or group can with-hold any goods or services from anyone else! Absentee landlords--foreign or domestic ownership of natural resources becomes impossible!

Usufruct rather than ownership.
The individual owns nothing beyond his immediate personal implements and apparel. For example, he will not need to own or maintain an automobile but merely pays for the use of transportation on a time-distance basis (rent them). Any citizen can rent anything via their interactive distribution device.

As the amount of per person credits will be more than could be consumed, our functional administrations mechanics of social control will permit no curtailment or differentiated increase of individual purchasing power. This is to say that both doctors and drifters would have the same access to the goods and services available.

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The IDD's energy credits furnish the individual with the means of maximum social expression and decision since purchasing power is the only means whereby the individuals as such can participate in directing the variations possible within the limits prescribed by energy determinates of the area wherein he lives. Which is to say that we can vote via our IDDs too.

Less social problems
Energy accounting will eliminate both the basis and need of all social work, charity, and philanthropy, no one need ever beg. As in excess of 90% of crimes are crimes against property, our interactive distribution device will reduce crime to but a small fraction of what exists today. That fraction will fall into the field of pathology (illness). The reduction will NOT be due to any change in human nature, or oppression by brutal police but to the absence of objects of `value' and the lack of gain to be had! With a usufruct lifestyle the element of a chance to win, or the risk to lose, disappears! As long as we use money which can be gotten by any means it will result in people being rewarded for harming others. Switching to energy accounting removes the possibility of being rewarded for bad behavior.

Those who fret about our environment should see in energy accounting the possibility of non-polluting industry. As simplistic as it seems there no such thing as any waste disposal method costing too much money, when money is no longer used. No companies trying to make more money and causing problems any longer, as money is not used any longer. The system of government described here is an evolutionary one. It will supersede competing corporations. All of which will cease operations as there is no buying and selling, for a profit, after the adoption of energy accounting.

No such thing as inflation with energy accounting:
As the energy credits amount of each item is based upon a determinable change of physical cost per unit produced and of service provided, it is NOT subject to fluctuations of `value,' prices will stay the same or go down as efficiency improves.  We find the interactive distribution device to be then, the method whereby citizens gain access to abundance, a methodology of technological accounting - a methodology which applies the same rigid mensuration that our mass-production of today employs, and has to employ in it's swiftly moving flow lines of intricate equipment and varied products.

A matter of choice
Energy Certificates: depending upon the technology available at the time some citizens may choose to use a plastic debit type card. Some may choose to have micro-chips implanted under their skin. Some will choose to use paper energy certificates. Next is a description of how the paper energy certificates could work.

There are a large number of different bookkeeping devices whereby the distribution to, and records of rate of consumption of the entire population can be kept. Under a technological administration of abundance, there is one efficient method that of employing a system of Energy Credits. By this system all books and records pertaining to consumption are kept by the Distribution Sequence of the social mechanism. The income is granted to the public in the form of energy certificates these certificates are merely pieces of paper containing certain printed matter. They are issued individually to those who prefer to use paper instead of electronic methods. The certificates issued to an individual may be thought of as possessing some of the properties both of bank check and of a traveler’s check. They would resemble a bank check in that they carry no face denomination. They receive their denomination only when being spent. They resemble a traveler’s check in that they possess some means of ready identification, such as counter-signature, photograph, or some similar device, so as to establish easy identification by the person to whom issued, and at the same time remain absolutely useless in the hands of anyone else. The record of one's income and its rate of expenditure is kept by the Distribution Sequence, so that it is a simple matter at any time for the Distribution Sequence to ascertain the state of an unknown customer's balance. This is somewhat analogous to a combination bank and department store, wherein all the customers of the store also keep bank accounts at the store bank. In such a case the customer's credit at the department store is as good as his bank account, and the state of this account is available to the store at all times.

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Besides the properties enumerated above, our Energy Certificates could also contain additional information about the person to whom issued: The background color of the certificate records whether the person has not yet begun his period of service, is now performing service, or is retired, a different color being used for each of these categories. A diagonal stripe in one direction records that the purchaser is of the male sex; a corresponding diagonal in the other direction signifies the female sex. In the background across the face of the certificate is printed or water-marked the two-year balanced load period, say 2009-2010, during which the particular certificate is valid. Also printed on the certificate is additional data about the recipient, including the geographical area in which he resides, and a catalogue number, signifying the specific Functional Sequence and job at which the person works.

When making purchases of either goods or services an individual surrenders the energy certificates properly identified and signed. These surrendered certificates are then perforated with catalogue numbers of the specific item and amount purchased, and also its energy cost. These cancelled certificates then clear through the bookkeeping apparatus of the Distribution Sequence. The significance of this, from the point of view of knowledge of what is going on in the social system, and of social control, can best be appreciated when one surveys the whole system in perspective. First one single organization is manning and operating the whole social mechanism. This same organization not only produces but distributes all goods and services. Hence a uniform system of record-keeping exists for the entire social operation, and all records of production and distribution clear to one central headquarters. Tabulation of the information contained on the cancelled Energy Certificates day by day provides a complete record, of distribution, or of the public rate of consumption by commodity, by sex, by regional division, by occupation, and by age group with this information is clearing continuously to a central headquarters much like air miles are being recorded. In the case of operating an entire social mechanism the data required are more voluminous in detail, but not otherwise essentially different from that.  The clearing of the Energy Certificates, tabulated in all the various ways we have indicated, gives precise information at all times on the state of consumption of every kind of commodity or service in all parts of the Continent. In addition to this there is also corresponding information on stocks of materials and rates of operation in every stage of every industrial flow line. There is, likewise, a complete record on all hospitals, on the educational system, amusements, and others on the more purely social services. This information makes it possible to know exactly what to do at all times in order to maintain the operation of the social mechanism at the highest possible load factor and efficiency, while allowing everyone to participate according to personal choice.

*End of main article.*

The scientist founders left this plan for living with job-replacing technology in our hands for safe-keeping. My quest now is to let others know of its existence. Please help.

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For those who can see that this plan can lead to an equitable, sustainable method of social operation and want to get it happening.

Science vs. Chaos


A 2009 perspective on global job loss

A new and perhaps final way of dis-empowering ALL power elite groups

For as long is it is possible for elite power groups to hire others to do their bidding and pay to have their own people elected to positions of political power they will continue to rule over others despite.. Well everything resisters can ever do within the current price system. Just suppose for this moment that a plan for a social operation for all of North America that did not involve electing ANYONE to a position of political power existed. Wait there is one more supposition. Further suppose that this plan excluded the use of money IN ANY FORM. OK, now it follows that if such a plan was used no one could be paid to do the bidding of any of the power elite groups that we activists have been warning others about and trying to shut down. If there were no way that the ancient power elite groups could get their members elected to positions of authority they could not use government resources to attain positions of power and the ability to impose their olde world way of life on others.

Suppositions aside such a plan exists and anyone who follows the links at this web site will both learn about the plan and see quite plainly that the entire Continent of North America can soon be operated without elected politicians or the usage of money. Without the need, or ability, to collect money, (since it is no longer used,) and taxes are money, there will be no point in electing anyone to direct the spending of taxes! Yup, political rule is hereby ended. Switching to a new type of accounting called energy accounting can, as a matter of course, free us all from the hand tool era method of social management known as political rule! No more electing a used car salesman to run our medical program then, when things go wrong, replacing him with a wrestler The adoption of energy accounting can both put an end to political domination and the completion of a corporate driven Police State.

The majority of people having lost faith in our corrupt political system do not vote now. Governments are typically elected by less than 20% of the people. Those who always vote are very old people and those who have come from other cultures, (most of these people are obsessed with having jobs and doing things by hand.) In order to get, and keep, old peoples support those elected ignore job replacing technology and try to keep things the way they have always been. Old people now live in fear of being victims of crime most vote for whichever party will hire more police. To get the immigrant vote concessions must be made such as giving them special status in hiring practices and wide open immigration. These two groups have hand tool era mind sets. Those they empower prevent adaptation to our changing times. To all "social change" activists I say, get this plan happening why try to fix our moribund social system, and thereby perpetrate, a hopeless situation? No need to come up with a plan an achievable science based plan exists and is on this CD. Astounding, yes, at first it is.

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Definition u su fruct
A lifestyle based upon the right to utilize and enjoy something belonging to another so long as the property is not damaged or altered in any way.

REMEMBER THIS WORD it alone describes our happy future.


Initiative or incentive.
At this point people wonder why would anyone bother with completing the many years of very hard work and study required to become a doctor when they could have the same lifestyle without the effort? At present, the probability of earning big money provides an incentive for people to become doctors. The result is that not everyone who becomes a doctor truly belongs in the profession. Energy Accounting allows any person, of ability, who wants to cure illness to, on their own initiative, become a doctor. Just think, when we need help we will be going to those who truly want to help us. For, generally speaking, no one need take any job that they do not want to do. Plus, with one educational sequence those of the functional part of a dual governments system will all have the same level of learning--training!

Think about this for a while, then
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The injection of monetary concepts into all discussion of socially important issues wholly confuses the people as to the actual issues at stake. We wonder, how long will peoples' inability to think in non-financial terms and refusal to abandon hand tool era social concepts continue to bar them from the solving of their social problems?

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It is vital to the adoption of Energy Accounting that ALL citizens have the same interactive distribution device be it a card, a chip, a cell phone, pieces of paper or whatever form available at the time; to be chosen from by the individual.  We are discussing a method not for the buying nor selling of goods but rather a distribution system although they may sound the same to the reader the differences will become apparent later.

The NEXUS program
2009: update
The NEXUS program has been underway for years now by the various NAU and NAFTA groups it involves getting everyone within Canada, U.S. of A. & Mexico to have and carry what they refer to as enhanced identification; rather than issue an edict that all will be obliged to at once apply for and carry such cards our governments are going about it piecemeal and without fanfare so far these steps have been taken.

Enhanced welfare cards
the cards are being given to Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (welfare) recipients who do not have bank accounts an estimated four million; there are already over two million who have the card. As many as 40 million U.S. households either have no bank account or make little use of banking services.
Enhanced Medical Cards
Also, those who belong to medical plans will soon be issued with enhanced medical cards.
Enhanced birth certificates
the new birth certificates will all be enhanced cards.
Enhance drivers licenses:
When currant driver licenses expire the renewed ones will be enhanced cards.
Enhanced department store and major credit cards
this is IMHO: another likely step which has yet to be proposed or announced.

For a usufruct lifestyle it is necessary that the citizens know where stuff is our interactive distribution device serve the purpose of registering who left what where and when plus it registers who took what from where. Knowing who is using a service such as transit is not required as long as it registers that a person is using the service and when and for how long. So we all need to use a standard card or equivalent for the purpose of keeping the shelves fully stocked and the services such as transportation going. Let's get on with the plan soon, until everybody has an IDD we are stuck using money. This plan makes everything free for the taking and using. Yup, this in effect makes all goods and services truly free only North America can do this just now. This is possible so let us do it and soon without financial control interference of money our citizens will be able to do what pleases them at the time. Go wherever they want anytime. If a person is not happy where they are they can simply go elsewhere and perhaps find compatible people to be with.

This sounds like freedom right? It is economic security and without economic security there can be no freedom. Those who want to be free should get the plan happening. Won’t it be nice when we are all working four hour shifts? Most who work can have three days on and four days off. Nothing will close any more. There will be no need for clerks as our interactive distribution device will do the recording automatically, no need for police or any form of security force as no one can steal when everything is free.  This is how the ability to behave badly can be engineered out of our social system.


No more gridlock, or finding the place closed, no more arriving and finding out that the place is full. Yup! No more getting lost as GPS devices will show the way. By 2012 one of every one hundred people can have this lifestyle here in North America if we want it, or not?




This brings to mind a Technocracy postulate.
Any and all social problems can be solved by the application of technology on a Continental scale.
See project graybook.

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