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The stark reality of energy accounting implementation


The determination of the energy cost of products can only be done by a well equipped organization set up specifically for this purpose. Firstly the organization will need to have people who understand the objectives of energy accounting who can train others and the authority to oblige ALL producers to participate.  It is obvious that without the total conscription program none of this can happen. Those who will be part of this organization will need to understand the BIG Picture. The objectives of energy accounting before they can come up with clever ways to get it happening so here are some pointers for them.




Always means energy cost.


A way of life wherein no one owns anything beyond personal effects
 all that exists is there for ALL to use providing that they leave it in an undamaged condition. (Naturally things are broken by accident but there need be no consequences to pay beyond inconvenience.)




Production balanced with consumption:
The KEY to the sustainability
of a high energy civilization and the usufruct life style
we will ALL enjoy in our Technate.


Energy Accounting and energy labeling is a means to accomplish a balanced load operation nothing more, nothing complicated, most of it will be done by computers so do not sweat having to learn a lot of new and strange stuff, not necessary.


It is best if one understands that these pointers are for the establishment of our energy accounting system only. Eventually computerization will completely deal with these things.


Basically energy accounting functions as an inventory system:

In years to come there will be no need to debit any personal accounts for anything nor have any indication of any cost on anything anywhere. To an observer all consumable products or services will be free for any Technate citizen. This will not happen for a decade or so but should be understood from the get go.

Problematic gaps in our current ability to calculate energy costs:


As any item moves along its route to the consumer energy gets added so working backwards may be the simplest way to arrive at a products energy cost. Right now few items are entirely produced at a single location or for that matter in a single country determining energy added costs for anything made off Continent is not possible. As the socially harmful and duplicate industries are phased out and new state of the art ones built this will be self correcting so we must just forget about it for now and deal with what we can.


Using what is already available
to calculate any items energy cost

Most products already have a unique bar code so by having a single online database for all products every time energy gets added to any product when the product is shipped onward the added amount could automatically be transmitted to the database where spread sheet programs will keep a running total. When the product moves on the amount of energy added at any location would be automatically sent in this amount need NOT include any transportation energy cost as the cost of moving stuff about would be part of our total Technate operating cost, namely the transportation sequence, which is deducted from the total energy converted in our entire Technate BEFORE our personal accounts are filled up with energy credits.



That being human labor in the BIG PICTURE it no longer is, for the purposes of energy accounting, significant so it is to be ignored in any and all energy cost calculations. If you are disturbed or perturbed by this we suggest that you tune into a TV show “How it is made” it is time all citizens understand that the hand too era has passed.


As stated in the first paragraph only the implementation of the total conscription program can make this possible so come on people you must DEMAND IT and soon.

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