Mind bending, (ones own) is for some not possible at all;

others who are more determined to free their own mind may find that it does not happen quickly. It will most certainly not always be easy and even those who have freed their minds and are able to see the world around them as it really is the maintenance of such a state of mind is not a given but requires constant mental monitoring.. A maxim of the wise; eternal vigilance is the price of a free mind.

This is a factual presentation offering hope for a good future. When feelings of doom bring me gloom browse this presentation until I am reminded that a usable plan for life without the interference control of money and its attendant social problems already exists. This plan is a thing of true beauty something new and positive to believe in. As people get into this presentation they will, with few exceptions, encounter features which they will reject. Often this rejection after only a cursory examination is simply due to encountering an idea contrary to ones mind set and or the influence of establishment conditioning, which we are ALL exposed to every hour of every day of our lives. Only the ignorant, the stupid, the`wacky' and ego maniacs will deny the effect it has upon our thought process. Hold these rejections of the plan in abeyance, and as your understanding of energy accounting and the effects it will have upon our lives grows, you will find to your great joy that they will fade away, and further that a society within which your fondest desires can be realized is possible.

What gives YOU hope for a better future right now? Without hope your health may not survive the next few years of severe strife that we are all going to encounter as the price system totters and falls, as it will. Not due to the efforts of any group or groups however, but rather due to the impact of technology upon the 6,000 year old social system to which the human animal still clings.

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