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Suffering is common to all social causes whether it be environmental degradation, womens´┐Ż issues, social injustice, poverty, etc. How can we relieve suffering without causing additional harm to ourselves and others in the process? Socially engaged Buddhism presents a possible practice in response to that question.

Socially engaged Buddhism combines social activism with the skilful practices of Buddhism. The Dalai Lama, Joanna Macy, and Thich Nhat Hanh are examples of socially engaged Buddhists who successfully incorporate social activism while maintaining a solid connection with their innate joy, peace, wisdom, and compassion.

As socially engaged Buddhists, we transform ourselves while we transform the world. We do this with meditation and various practices to cultivate/remember our innate wisdom and compassion. To the best of our current abilities and awareness, we perform non-violent actions which arise out of loving-kindness and understanding, and not out of anger or fear.

The Vancouver Buddhist Alliance for Social Engagement (VBASE) is modelled after the Buddhist Peace Fellowship (BPF) BASE groups which were started in North America in 1995 by Diana Winston. More information on BPF can be seen at www.bpf.org.

Welcome to our website. We dedicate the merits of our efforts to all sentient beings.

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Updated August 29, 2002