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The Vancouver Buddhist Alliance for Social Engagement (VBASE) meets weekly for 6 months and for day/weekend retreats on socially engaged Buddhism in Vancouver, British Columbia, starting in September 2003.

This is an opportunity for you to practice with a like-minded group (sangha) dedicated to being of service in the world. Outside these groups, you are involved with relieving suffering in the world. Within these groups, you continue your meditation practice to cultivate greater awareness, mindfulness, wisdom and compassion. Buddhist mentors provide guidance and explore various aspects of socially engaged Buddhism. Specific questions that you have regarding your service situation may be answered in the group process.

It is open to practicing Buddhists of all traditions as well as non-Buddhists who have some meditative /contemplative practice. The groups will be carried out mainly in a Buddhist framework, with occasional wisdom sharing from mentors of other traditions such as the Quakers, First Nations, etc.

In order to participate in these groups, it is necessary for you to be involved with relieving suffering in the world. If your current paid job or volunteer work does not put you into situations where people/sentient beings are suffering, then a volunteer position will need to be found for you.

If you are interested, please contact Harreson.

Updated January 1, 2003