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The community page you were just viewing is hosted by the Vancouver CommunityNet (VCN), a community online information system serving British Columbia's Lower Mainland, Canada. We offer a variety of services for both individuals and non-profit organizations throughout the region.

What does the CommunityNet do for community groups?

For community groups we offer free email accounts and free Web page hosting. If you've ever wondered how the global Internet can be used to promote your organization, but were deterred by the cost or didn't know where to start, give us a call! We can send you our Information Provider (IP) kit which explains how your organization can use the CommunityNet to get online and spread the word about your activities. And how to join the hundreds of community groups who already use the VCN to publish their information electronically!

To get an IP kit phone our office at (604) 257-3811 and ask for the IP kit. Or you can check out our IP online help information.

What does the CommunityNet do for individuals?
For individuals we offer free dialup access to a personal electronic mail account and access to our full set of community information. Users also get complete access to the World Wide Web, in a text-only form. We also offer and sponsor public-access terminals in libraries, community centres and other public places for people without computers. Our users don't have to pay to use any of these services, though we run on an honour system - everyone who can pay is expected to do so. We also hope all our users will become members.

For more information on how to get an account on the CommunityNet be sure to check out our online helpPAGEs.

The Vancouver Community Network
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