Campbell Valley Park Association

The purpose of Campbell Valley Park Association is to promote appreciation, understanding, and enjoyment of Campbell Valley Regional Park while preserving and enhancing its natural and historical features within the framework of the Campbell Valley Regional Park Management Plan.
In particular, the Association will, in partnership with Metro Vancouver Parks:

Encourage understanding and appreciation of the natural and historical features of Campbell Valley Regional Park through interpretive, educational and other informational programs.

Promote recreational activities that are compatible with the overall goal of safeguarding and enhancing the natural and historical features of the parks.

Provide input and develop site specific recommendations for Campbell Valley Regional Park as well as to provide feedback to the Metro Vancouver Parks Board relating to policies and practices that may affect Campbell Valley Regional Park through representation on the Regional Parks Forum.

Assist individual users, community groups, agencies and Metro Vancouver Parks in achieving mutually beneficial and compatible goals.

Maintain a broadly-based, inclusive association with a representative executive that will actively advance mission objectives.

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How to get involved
To find out how you can get involved in the Campbell Valley Park Association, contact Jeff Rotin at the East Area Parks office by email or call (604) 530-4983.

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Last updated 28 June 2013