Campbell Valley Park Association: Projects

Our habitat enhancement efforts focus on two programs aimed at preserving and enhancing natural habitat in the park. We are working to maintain the park and enhance the environment within the park in an effort to perpetuate the ecosystem in as close to a natural state as possible.

Invasive species control
The first component of this project is a pilot program to control and/or eliminate invasive species in the park. CVPA is taking on this project in partnership with the Langley Environmental Partners Society (LEPS) and GVRD Parks, with the objective of establishing a network of community partners to collectively manage this program. The success of any removal or control program depends on rehabilitation and replanting of reclaimed areas with appropriate vegetation to increase wildlife values. Read more ...

Enhancing old field habitat
The second component of this project involves enhancing old field habitat in the park. Old fields are former hay fields that have not been cut for several years. CVPA volunteers are working to complement the GVRD's efforts on habitat restoration work on these fields by enhancing edge habitat with plantings to provide habitat for butterflies, passerines and raptors. Fringe areas will have forbs, shrubs and trees added to provide flowers for insects, food for squirrels, browse for deer, and seeds, fruit, perches and nesting sites for birds. Much of the work can be accomplished through volunteer and community efforts.

Working together
Together we can make the park a better place for wildlife, educate the public on the effects of invasive species on our environment and provide an example for future generations of the natural biodiversity of the Campbell Valley Regional Park area.

How to get involved
To find out how you can get involved in the Campbell Valley Park Association, contact Jeff Rotin at Metro Vancouver East Area Parks office by email or call (604) 530-4983.

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Last updated 28 June 2013