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Welcome to Britannia Outdoor Adventures. All our activities are lead by experienced guides with Wilderness First Aid and canoeing certifications. Unless otherwise stated all necessary equipment is provided. All participants are expected to carry a day pack with water, food, rain gear and an extra warm layer of clothes. Footwear that is supportive and weather resistant is important for safety and comfort. Dressing in layers helps regulates body temperature. Be prepared for inclement weather anytime of the year. All activities leave from the Pool lobby, unless otherwise stated.

Our trail rating below is meant to give participants a better understanding of what to expect. Participants should be in good physical condition and are to complete a medical history form before departure. The group leader has the right to limit participation of an individual if they are not prepared or lack the fitness to safely complete the outing. Any questions please contact Barry at 604.718.5828 or Contact Us via e-mail


A = Flat - gradual incline
B = Consistent gradual incline
C = Predominantly gradual incline with occasional steep sections
D = Equal portions of steep and gradual incline.

1 =  1 - 3 hours of hiking
2 =  3 - 5 hours of hiking
3 =  5 - 7 hours of hiking
4 =  7 - 9 hours of hiking

Average hiking time for the Grouse Grind is between 45 minutes (indicates person is very fit and strong) and 2 hours (indicates person may not be very fit and is a slow hiker). The elevation gain is about 900m and the distance is about 3km. Generally the majority of our hikes is suitable to individuals who could do the Grind in approx. 75 min without being too exhuasted at the top. Please contact us if you are unsure if your level of fitness is appropriate for the activity your interested in.

Snowshoeing Events

Here is your chance to experience the wonderful world of hiking on snow. No bugs and the ability to travel almost anywhere. For all snowshoeing events come prepared with a daypack with the essentials: water, food, extra warm clothes, suitable winter boots, hat and gloves, and a flashlight/headlamp. If you have access to ski/hiking poles bring them along as many find them to be a benefit. Dress in layers as one heat up quickly in this aerobic sport. Snowshoes are included in the cost. Location, date, cost and trail rating are as follows:


Black Mountain Full Moon

This full moon outing will begin in the afternoon as we head to the plateau of Black Mountain in time for the sunset. Once there we will enjoy a cup of hot chocolate along with your “trail dinner” as we soak in the views of the landscape bathed in both the light of the departing sun and the brightness of the full moon. Clear skies permitting, we return to the trailhead under the light of the full moon. Expect to snowshoe up to 8km and gain 300m in elevation. Please come prepared with a flashlight or headlamp (ideal) and additional warm clothes as the temperature drops quickly along with the sun. Rating C-2 

Sun. Jan. 8
1:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Cost: $40


Mt. Seymour

Mt. Seymour Prov. Park offers a variety of areas to explore both on and off trail. Our objective is to connect the views from Dinky Peak and Suicide Bluffs, and the open areas of First and Hidden Lakes all the while avoiding the crowds on their way to Mt. Seymour. Expect to cover about 8 km of terrain travelling up and down hills and conquering the occasional short, steep sections. Rating: C-2

Sun. Feb. 12
9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Cost: $40


Manning Park Weekend

The sound of crunching snow. The blackness of the evening sky broken by the needle points of thousands of stars. Travelling across the expanse of a frozen lake. The soothing sound of running water over rocks and under snow. The deep silence of a forest clad in a winter blanket. This is Manning, one of our most anticipated annual trips. We stay in one of the comfortable three room chalets at Manning Park Resort equipped with a kitchen and linen. The Saturday activity is left up to each person (Nordic/Alpine skiing or snowshoeing). Evening activities can include - ice skating, soaking in the indoor hot-tub, a short night-time snowshoe and a potluck dinner for our final night. Questions can be answered at the pre-trip meeting Mon. Feb. 27th 7:00 pm in the Info Centre or e-mail/call Barry (above). Trip meets at 5:30 pm outside the Teen Centre. Cost includes trip leaders, transportation, snowshoes, and accommodations – ski tickets, ski rental and food is extra. Limited to 12 participants.


Fri. Mar. 2 to Sun. Mar. 4
Cost: $237