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What Is Contradance?

What contradance is, is a lot of fun!

Here's a video to see what we mean.

And here's another. — This one's specially made for instruction, so emphasizes some finer points beyond the beginner level.

It's recreational dancing to live music in a forgiving atmosphere. Our tradition is to welcome newcomers at every dance and not to require special classes, although we often offer 15 minutes of special instruction at the start of the evening for the benefit of those who have never danced before. People feel free to change partners between dances and to ask strangers to dance. Women ask men to dance. We do not smoke or drink liquor at a dance.

The dance itself is a line of couples. Each couple stays together for the length of the dance, but they dance in turn with every other couple in the line. The figures are familiar from square dancing: do-si-do, allemande, etc., but the tempo and feel of the dance is different, emphasizing connection and giving weight.

Please tell whoever is at the door if you're new to dancing. We want to make sure you know your way around and feel comfortable.

June 2011