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Vancouver Country Dance Website Credits

Thanks to:
  • Andrew Kurn, for the back-end design of this website, and volunteering as webmaster for 10 years. After over 30 years volunteering for the Vancouver dance community, Andrew sadly passed away in November of 2020. He was a PhD, computer scientist and member of the techinical staff at SFU, offering free tutoring to physics students even after he retired. A passionate music lover, bridge player, and aficionado of film noir, Andrew was a central figure in the Contra Dancing community. It was there he met Barbara, who became his dance partner and loving companion of thirty years. Andrew sang with the SFU Madrigal Singers. He favoured Bach and doo-wop but had little interest in Beethoven. Andrew was a quirky, occasionally crusty character, but once you gained his trust, he revealed a warm, intelligent and caring soul, and will be missed.
  • The Vancouver contra dance community.
  • The Vancouver Community Network, for hosting the site.
  • Chris Taylor, for the site's graphical concept and design.
  • Nelson Beavington, for schedule information.
  • June Harman, for some of the illustrations.
  • Michael Dyck, former webmaster.
  • Bill Gibbens, former webmaster.
Webmaster history:
  • Bill Gibbens: 1998 May/June to 2003 Feb
  • Michael Dyck: 2003 Feb to 2014 June
  • Andrew Kurn: 2014 June to 2020 Nov
  • Konstantin Olchanski: 2022 to ...