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About Chehalis CONTRA DAnCE Weekend

"Sweet Swing" by June HarmanOur mission is to create a friendly weekend that's fun for all. Come immerse yourself in music, dance, workshops and music jams in a traditional setting. Our unique contra-focused weekend is located in Canada’s beautiful Pacific Southwest about 40 km south east of Vancouver, BC. and about 30 miles north of Bellingham, WA.

The planned location (to be confirmed) for Chehalis 2023, Sullivan Community Hall (see map), is easily accessed from Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal and the US border, and has a bus stop within a half block; driving from City Hall in Vancouver takes approximately 45 minutes.

Accommodations (to be confirmed for 2023)

Local Hotels

If you would like to stay in a hotel, there are several to choose from in the immediate vicinity of Sullivan Hall listed on Google maps.

Group Rate at the Holiday Inn Cloverdale

The Holiday Inn Cloverdale is just a 6-minute drive from Sullivan hall, and for a limited time next spring, we hope to have a group rate available. The hotel has a restaurant/bar on site, so handy in the mornings. They offer breakfast to hotel guests for a reasonable price. There are also many shopping and eating choices within walking distance from the hotel. (Mention “Chehalis Dance Weekend” when booking here to receive the group rate.)

Contact: Holiday Inn 17530 64 Ave, Surrey, BC V3S 1Y9. (At the corner of 176th St. and 64th Ave.) Phone (604) 576-8862.


If you need billeting or can billet a dancer for the weekend, please indicate this on your registration form. In August our registrar will send registrants a link to the online weekend roster, which indicates those offering accommodation, and is updated regularly. The weekend organizers will not be arranging billeting for dancers, but we are providing a forum for people to do this for themselves.


If you prefer to camp, there are some RV and campgrounds near Sullivan Hall.



A variety of restaurants are available in the area. The closest are across the street, and more are 6-10 minutes away. See nearby restaurants.

There is a fridge and microwave available at Sullivan Hall for you to store/heat up food; and tables for you to dine on if you wish. We will also have coffee available, and hot water for tea. Please bring your own plates, cups and cutlery to the hall, as there are none available there. 



  • "Saturday Morning" by June HarmanGoodies for the snack room
  • Passport for those crossing the border
  • Ear plugs
  • Dance shoes
  • Song books (e.g. Rise Up Singing!)
  • Musical instruments
  • Recording device for workshops
  • Water bottle, coffee mug, and plates/cutlery if you plan on eating at the hall
  • Walking shoes (for strolling outside)
  • Cash for CDs and other merchandise
  • Umbrella or rain gear


Camp POLICies (What NOT To BRing)

  • No alcohol or illegal drugs are allowed. 
  • For the benefit of allergen sensitive dancers, please avoid the use of scented products. Scent-free liquid soap will be available for the washroom sinks.
  • Smoking is only allowed in designated areas.
  • No pets are allowed.
  • Drop-ins (day visitors) are not allowed.


RIDE ShARING & PUblic Transportation

Plan a trip on public transit to the Sullivan Community Hall.

While public transit is an option to get directly to the hall, some dancers may require a ride. If you need or can provide a ride to the weekend, please indicate this on your application. In August our registrar will send you a link to the online roster, which indicates those offering rides, and is updated regularly.



There is parking at Sullivan Community Hall.