Minnekhada Park Association

  Spring in Minnekhada Park brings lush plant growth and a thousand shades of green.   A downy woodpecker forages for insects among the trees of Minnekhada.
Photo: Jeremy Plotkin Photo: Kiyoshi Takahashi

  Tree roots lead the way down a winding trail.   The Minnekhada Park Association display at Salmonfest 2007.
Photo: Jeremy Plotkin

  Volunteers help paint one of the heritage buildings at Minnekhada Farm.

  The upper pond at Minnekhada Regional Park reflects the surounding summits of Burke Ridge.

Photo: Jeremy Plotkin

  These views of Minnekhada Park can be reached by an easy hike to the Low Knoll.   Dragoflies are frequent visitors to the lower and upper marshes.
Photo: Dawn Hanna Photo: Dawn Hanna

How to get involved
To find out how you can get involved in the Minnekhada Park Association, contact the Central Area parks office at (604) 520-6442, or email Trina Sakata

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Last updated 26 October 2009

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