Colony Farm Park Association

  Lupines grow abundantly in the Colony Farm community gardens.   A local volunteer helps to build trails at Colony Farm Regional Park.

  Visitors enjoy games at the Colony Farm organic community gardens annual picnic.   A female northern harrier surveys the community gardens for tasty rodent treats.
Photo: Marianne Berkey

  Staff and volunteers work together to install fencing to protect the wildlife area in Colony Farm Regional Park.   The new Millennium Bridge over the Coquitlam River rejoins the two sides of the park.

  A volunteer helps a young park visitor to discover the joy of observing wild birds.   The ditches teem with life which provides food for a large heron colony in the nearby Wildlife Management Area.

How to get involved
To find out how you can get involved in the Colony Farm Park Association, contact Metro Vancouver Central Area Parks office at (604) 520-6442, or email Trina.

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Last updated 12 August 2011

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