Burnaby Lake Park Association

Our Mission
The Burnaby Lake Park Association (BLPA) is dedicated to preserving, protecting and enhancing the park's natural environment, while advocating respect, appreciation and enjoyment of the park's natural attributes and recreational resources.

Photo: Ted Bassett

Our Programs

Nest Box Program
More than 200 nest boxes around Burnaby Lake Regional Park provide homes for swallows, chickadees, wood ducks and flying squirrels. From January to March, join members of BLPA and BCIT to help clean and repair nest boxes. As a volunteer you’ll learn techniques for cleaning and repairing nest boxes and recording nesting activity, as well as basic bird identification.

What do Scotch broom, policeman's helmet, English ivy and Himalayan blackberry have in common? They are all invasive species - non-native plants that have become established and are crowding out native species. You can help! Come out to a Weedbusters work party, learn about invasive species and help us remove them from Burnaby Lake Regional Park.

Butterfly Garden
Master gardeners take care of the butterfly garden by the Burnaby Lake Nature House. Judy with the Master Gardeners always welcomes volunteers to help with planting, weeding, and watering.

To get involved and/or contact us
Find out more about the Burnaby Lake Park Association at our new website.

We welcome new volunteers, members and ideas for programs. You can contact us by email or contact Trina Sakata, the Metro Vancouver community development coordinator, by email or phone: (604) 520-6442.

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