Belcarra Beachkeepers

Our Goal
To facilitate the stewardship of Belcarra Park’s intertidal ecosystem through public education and community volunteers

Our Objectives
To preserve and protect the habitat and marine wildlife at Belcarra Regional Park.
• To inform and educate the visitors about marine fishing and harvesting regulations, environmentally friendly beach behaviour and marine natural history.
• To provide positive and meaningful volunteer experiences for the local community that benefits both the volunteers and regional parks.
• To provide opportunities for volunteers to gain valuable work experience.

Beachkeepers is a unique partnership between Metro Vancouver Regional Parks and Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

Beachkeepers volunteers provide knowledgeable and friendly faces to educate park visitors about organisms living in Belcarra’s intertidal zone and about how to minimize damage to their habitat through interactive displays and activities.

As well, Beachkeepers participate in a scientific crab monitoring project and help lead activities at a Metro Vancouver special event.

How to get involved
Please contact the Central Area office at (604) 520-6442.

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Last updated 12 August 2011

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