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Hugh PHukovsky will be doing a set at THE LAUGH GALLERY This Wednesday March 30th 2005 at 10pm. 3 bucks will get you a ticket that might allow you to win some great prizes. bunch of other comics, some of them will be great.

El CoCal Resturant - 1037 commercial drive, Vancouver BC


HUGH PHUKOVSKY is playing a farewell set at The Main (4120 Main St. vancouver). 9:30 pm, Free with food-bank donation. Thursday Feb 24th. Laughterburner is a monthly event hosted by comedian Dylan Rymer. . Then in the waiting Van to drive the...


ROCK'N w/special guest HUGH PHUKOVSKY

ROCK'N is an AC/DC style rock band from Cincinnati touring Canada with their play "THE GREATEST ROCK'N ROLL STORY EVER TOLD". The play tells the brief rise and fall of this 'legendary' act. Think "Rock'n roll high school" meets "Footloose" meets "Saved by the bell". We pick-up the ex-rock stars 10 years after high school in their day jobs - A janitor. An ICBC (Insurance Corporation of British Columbia) represenitive. A karate instructor and, well...Chad is unemployed and still lives at his mums. One-by-one, Johnny Rock'n puts the band back together and they play a ripping set of original party tunes.
But not with out resistance...ROCK'N's nemesis then and now is Principal Higgenson. When Higgenson expelled the band, the schools GPA went up 50% but the party went down 225%. "We vow to expel Higgenson and bring the party back to your town! So don't miss it!"
Says Johnny Rock'n

Fri Feb 25th - Prince George, Ironhorse Pub (1201 1st Avenue)
Sat feb 26th - Canmore, Canmore Hotel (738- 8th St)
Mon Feb 28th - Calgary, Birds and stones (204-16th Ave. NW)
Wed March 2nd - Winnipeg, the Albert (48 Albert St.) 8pm, 10pm
Thurs March 3rd - Winnipeg, the Albert (48 Albert St.) 8pm, 10pm
Fri March 4th - Thunder Bay, the Apollo(Red River Road) 8pm Sun March 6th - Montreal (unconfirmed at press time)
March 9th - Halifax, khyber CLub(1588 Barrington St) 8pm
Thurs March 10th - Halifax, khyber CLub 8pm
Fri March 11th - Halifax, khyber Club 8pm
March 13th-16th - New York City, (unconfirmed at press time)
Fri March 18th - Edmonton, Seedy's (10314 104 St)
Sat March 19th - Golden BC, Roadhouse (501 Main St)
Thurs March 24th - Vancouver, Railway Club (579 Dunsmuir Street) (Rock'n & Hugh & Vancougar but No play)


HUGH PHUKOVSKY to appear @ The Laugh Gallery show on Wednesday Sept. 29, 2004. Show starts somewhere between 9:30 and 10. A bunch of Comics, a bunch of laughs. I think they ask 3 bucks at the door and you have a chance of winning some "great" flee market prizes.

El Cocal 1037 Commercial Drive


1*2*3 (anti) Entertainment Present the World Premier of Devin McCracken’s New Play:

God's Country: Tales of doom from the North End

Only at the Winnipeg Fringe 2004

Tickets: $8 / Student/Senior/Unemployed: $6
Matinee: $6
Frequent Fringer: $5
No Admittance Restrictions

Prostitutes and poverty. Junkies and jam. Vagrants and vaseline. Hustlers and hopelessness. Dirty and demented - but so is everything around him. And isn’t everyone entitled to a little piece? Shouldn’t every man be allowed to see some kind of hazy glow at the end of the sewer’s long rat infested tunnel? Welcome to the North End.

WARNING: Content
65 minutes

Performance Times/Number:
Thu, July 15 11:00 PM 333
Fri, July 16 1:00 PM 334
Sat, July 17 12:00 AM 348
Sun, July 18 5:30 PM 352
Mon, July 19 2:00 PM 357
Wed, July 21 11:15 PM 377
Sun, July 25 9:00 PM 404

“Devin McCracken is able to hold you for the whole time. He’s a brilliant performer”.
-(From the Death of Comedy review) Mari Sasano, SEE Magazine


1*2*3 (anti) Entertainments CEO Paul Anthony joins Drippytown and Pro-Am Entainment International Recording Artists JULY FOURTH TOILET for a performance of Rock Fantasy:

In The Land Where Animals Are People
With Extra Special Guests The Penguins (Pre-Teen Rock Gods)

Two Shows! One Night Only!

Friday July 23, 2004 at the Wise Club, 1882 Adanac Street, Vancouver, Canada

All Ages show at 5:30 (Doors at 5:00)

All Adult Show (except for the Penguins who are 10 –12 years of age) at 9:30 (Doors at 9:00), Adults: $8 / 13 and under: $5, Tickets at Scratch and Zulu.


Rock Fantasy is an obscure collection of nutbar pop released by K-Tel International in 1978. It is a loosely assembled concept album where the listener is invited to The Land Where Animals Are People (And The People Are The Animals). The 20 original, “funtastic” Rock Fantasy ditties introduce a variety of funny, cartoony critters including Bernie Byrd, G. Raffe, Jack Kass, Samuel & Mama Baer, Tom & Kitty Katt, Sir Dan D. Lion, and many, many more!

July Fourth Toilet, in its ongoing pursuit to preserve the often forgotten fringe elements of our Pop Culture, will recreate the magic of Rock Fantasy live and in the guise of the many animals on the album.



The Death of Shecky Grey!!
Monday, April 5th 2004 - 9:30 pm
The Cobalt Hotel - 917 Main Street
$10 at the door

The Death of Shecky will take on the format of a Dean Martin Celebrity Roast, featuring local Vancouver celebreties roasting the comic and discussing his career. The night will end with Shecky's last ever set.

Due to an 'ailment' of some sort, Porker will be appearing "Via Sattelite."

Other performers include Nardwuar the Human Serviette, Robert Dayton, Cass King, Christine 'Tiny' Taylor, Guy Macpherson, Mr. Plow, Graham Clark, and of course Shecky Grey!

CHRISTMAS IS EXTRAORDINARY VOL II -A seasonal CD now available at Red Cat Records (Main & 26th, Vancouver) & Movie Village (selected locations, Winnipeg)!!!

It's Christmas Time!! Time for us to get together!! Laugh & Sing!

1*2*3 Presents...Paul Anthony & Samantha Lyn Sing songs from their new album "CHRISTMAS IS EXTRAORDINARY VOL II"!

Part of "A FATHER AWSOME'S CHRISTMAS" a hilarious play by Aubrey Tennant. Featuring many of your favorite comedians from the LAugh Gallery.

WED DEC. 17TH, 2003 - 9:00 only $5 @ El CoCal (1037 Commercial Drive)



DEC 18 2003 (9:30) - HUGH PHUKOVSKY opens for THE CANNED HAMM CHRISTMAS SPECIAL @ THE LUCK BAR ( 517 Yates St. www.luckybar.ca for map) $8


NOV 28 - COWBELL with Rock'n & July 4th Toliet @ PAT'S PUB (403 E Hastings) $6

DEC 17 (9:00) - 1*2*3 plays songs off "CHRISTMAS IS EXTRAORDINARY VOL I & II" live @ EL COCAL (1037 Commercial Drive) Part of "A FATHER AWSOME'S CHRISTMAS" $5

DEC 20 (9:30) - THE CANNED HAMM CHRISTMAS SPECIAL @ PIC PUB (620 W Pender) featuring members of 1*2*3 in some capasity. $5-$6




NOV 22 - HUGH PHUKOVSKY @ THE ROGUE HERO (1313 State St.) with C.R. Avery $6

Hugh is confirmed to host DANCES FOR A SMALL STAGE V
- OCT 21 & 22, 2003 - 8PM
- Tickets $12 at the door
- at CRUSH 1180 Granville (at Davie)
- info 604.731.6856

Hugh Phukovsky will be featured in the CANNED HAMM TALENT SHOW - Aug 29th at Pat's Pub (403 E. Hastings)

HUGH PHUKOVSKY plays* the Vancouver International Comedy Festival. Tuesday July 29 @ Richards on Richards. $10

* Please note that Hugh has been double booked this evening and if he doesn't get off set by stage time he won't be doing a set. So this is a very tentative date.

HUGH will be playing RICHARDS ON RICHARDS (1036 Richards) TUESDAY JULY 1st as part of THE LAUGH LOUNGE put on by the good people at THE VANCOUVER INTERNATIONAL COMEDY FESTIVAL.

HUGH is also tentatively booked to appear at THE URBAN WELL (KITS BEACH) on TUESDAY JULY 8th. This is his long awaited return after being thrown off the stage 3 years ago.

AND… THE LAUGH GALLERY @ El Cocal (1037 Commercial drive) WEDNESDAY JULY 9th.10pm $3. These may be the last Hugh Phukovsky shows until NOVEMBER 2003!


A one-man show about: Art. Revolution. Death. Love. Comedy. When everything’s already been done, you must destroy what bores you!A one-man show about: Art. Revolution. Death. Love. Comedy. When everything’s already been done, you must destroy what bores you!

Saturday, Sept. 6TH 12:45 PM
Sunday, Sept. 7TH 7:00 PM
Monday, Sept. 8TH 6:00 PM
Thursday, Sept. 11TH 9:15 PM
Saturday, Sept. 13TH 4:30 PM
Sunday, Sept. 14TH 7:45 PM
Show length: 60 minutes

Ticket Price: At Door: $8. In Advance: $10 (604.257.0366 or festivalboxoffice.com)
Venue #: 3 The Studio at Leap Creative 1675 W. 2nd Avenue
more info

We are extremely proud to announce the Vancouver Premiere of:

Is alcohol funny? How much is too much? These are the questions we will answer THURSDAY JULY 10TH @ THE WISE HALL.

2 IMPROV TEAMS, one that will take a shot of tequila every 2 minutes. The other team will remain as the sober control group. They will take turns making up scenes fueled by audience suggestions. THE GOAL IS TO FIND OUT, ONCE AND FOR ALL, IF ALCOHOL IS FUNNY OR NOT.

This is a stunt we pulled in Winnipeg in ’00 to disastrous results. This time we are filming the whole thing and making it into a movie. We are going to have a real-life scientist and a nurse and bouncers and…oh my God! YOU CAN”T MISS THIS! Please visit the Drunk Improv page and listen to the story of our first attempt documented by CBC RADIO.

Also joining us will be a real-life scientist! and a real-life nurse!

THURSDAY JULY 10TH @ THE WISE HALL (1882 Adanac @ Victoria Dr.) 8PM DOOR, 9PM SHOW. TICKETS 8-12$ and if there are any tickets once the show starts, they will be sold for 5$, but don’t chance it, this show will sell out. **WARNING** This show won’t be funny after an hour and a half. How can it be, really?

123 NEWS

Plans are in the works to stage THE DRUNK IMPROV one last time. This time the experiment will be even more intricate (with a real life scientist!) and the whole thing will be filmed to be released as a full-length independent movie. A camera crew will follow Paul and Devin through the “campaign trail” of media interviews and be with them through the challenges of putting together such a dangerous show. The actual performance will be filmed by 3 different camera crews to insure we capture every moment.

Filmmaker TONY B. will begin editing COWBELL: THE ULTIMATE COMEBACK? A story documenting legendary hair rocker CLINT BELL as he tries to put back his old band for a tour of high school gymnasiums. Anyone who caught Clint Bell at Miss T’s in November will be anticipating this triumphant film as much as we are. “Be cool, stay in school!”

HUGH PHUKOVSKY is currently working on new material for his sophomore album tentatively titled “PERMINANT ROUGH CROWD: Sleeveless in Seattle.” A live album to be taped in a Seattle dog kennel.

Please email us at [email protected] if you would like to be on our mailing list to be informed directly when shows are happening. A lot of the time in this city there is great stuff going on but you don’t find out about it until it’s too late. And sometimes, especially with Hugh, when an act is added to a bill at the last minute, it may not even make it to the EVENT page.








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