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Who we are

BOOKS 2 PRISONERS is an independent community-based group whose purpose is to broaden the range of reading materials available to prisoners throughout Canada. Our mandate is to provide free reading materials to prisoners as per request. All books are donated by publishing houses and by the general public and we cover the price of postage.

Donate your Books

BOOKS 2 PRISONERS accepts donations of all kinds of books, although we don't accept hardcover books, magazines or textbooks. Some of the more requested topics and genres are: First Nations art, how-to books on drawing, painting, carving, writing, creative process, addiction and recovery, self-help, exercise/yoga/fitness, general interest sciences and history, first nations authors, classic literature, popular fiction, sci-fi and fantasy, adventure, biographies. If you live in the Vancouver area and have books to donate, please contact us to make arrangements.

Any prisoner can make a request

BOOKS 2 PRISONERS has access to books on a wide range of subjects including health, self-help, sexuality, black history, women's issues, aboriginal issues, politics, psychology, philosophy, plus an array of novels. We will accept requests by subject matter or author. If we don't have the book that you asked for, we will send the closest thing we find to your request. Whether we can send directly to you or to the prison library depends on the prison.

Contacting Books 2 Prisoners

PO Box 78005, 1755 East Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V5N 5W1
email: books (at) prisonjustice (dot) ca

Download a Books 2 Prisoners Info Leaflet.
Hear an interview about the work of Books 2 Prisoners, produced by Stark Raven.

Other Independent Books to Prisoners Programs
October 2013

(note: each Books to Prisoners program operates autonomously and independently)


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