Vietnam War Resisters in Canada

Selected Essays

This selective listing of articles, essays, and papers (popular and academic) that are available on the internet should not be taken as substitute for a systematic approach to research. Criteria for selection are various. These include authorship, context, originality, perspective, perspicuity, significance, timeliness at the time, and whimsy. Order of listing is reverse chronological. Some items previously in the main general listing have been moved to this new section.

'Hell, they're your problem, not ours': Draft Dodgers, Military Deserters and Canada-United States Relations in the Vietnam War Era / Luke Stewart
Source:  Canadian Studies 85 (2018) 67-96

Last-generation Americans / Anders Morley
Source:  Maisonneuve (winter 2017) (online: 26 Mar 2018)

Building Sanctuary: the Movement to Support Vietnam War Resisters in Canada, 1965-1973 / Jessica Squires
Source: (29 Nov 2013)

Remembering the Draft Evaders / Hugh Brewster
Source:  Zoomer (21 Jan 2013)

The Re-writing of History: the Misuse of the Draft "Dodger" Myth against Iraq War Resisters in Canada / Luke Stewart
Source: (2013?)

History: Reversing the Vietnam Verdict / Jack A. Smith
Source:  Global Research (6 June 2012)
On 28 May 2012 Barack Obama launched a "Vietnam War Commemoration," a thirteen-year project designed "to justify, glorify and honor Washington's catastrophic, aggressive and losing war against Vietnam."

From Deserters' Oasis to Deportation Orders / Dave Perri
Source:  Peace Magazine 25:2 (Apr-Jun 2009) 11

War Resistance, Amnesty and Exile – Just the Facts / Harold Jordan
Source: American Friends Service Committee (May 2000)

Future Stress: the Psychology of Exile / Jack Colhoun and Joseph Jones
Source:  Amex Canada 4:6 / 38 (Jan.-Mar. 1974) 42-44


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