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I worked at the University of British Columbia Library 1980-2003 as a cataloguer and reference librarian in the humanities and social sciences.
In 2013 the Library ceased to host my web site, so I migrated portions of it to the Vancouver Community Network.



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Carolina Backcountry Family Studies

Vietnam War Resisters in Canada



Patterns in the Culture of the John Johnson & Margaret Howell Family of Aiken County South Carolina
Vancouver : Quarter Sheaf, 2021. 92 p.

Simulacrum of Refuge : a History of Canada as Destination for U.S. Iraq War Deserters
Vancouver : Quarter Sheaf, 2017. 208 p.

The Invention of Death
Toronto : Quattro Books, 2013. 133 p.
[Translation of:  L’invention de la mort / Hubert Aquin]

Les sables mouvants = Shifting sands
Vancouver : Ronsdale Press, 2009. 109 p.
[Translation and edition of Hubert Aquin novella, with appended essay]

War Resisters in Retrospect : Papers from the 2007 Our Way Home Peace Event and Reunion
Vancouver ; Las Vegas : Joseph Jones ; Lori Olafson, 2009. 112 p.
[Edited with Lori Olafson]

Happenstance and Misquotation : Canadian Immigration Policy 1966-1974, the Arrival of U.S. Vietnam War Resisters, and the Views of Pierre Trudeau
Vancouver : Quarter Sheaf, 2008. 80 p.

Reference Sources for Canadian Literary Studies
Toronto : University of Toronto Press, c2005. xiv, 464 p.

Contending Statistics : The Numbers for U.S. Vietnam War Resisters in Canada
Vancouver : Quarter Sheaf, 2005. 74 p.


“white phosphorus and depleted uranium,” p. 126-127 in
Crossing Lines : Poets Who Came to Canada in the Vietnam War Era
(Allan Briesmaster and Steven Michael Berzensky, eds.)
Hamilton, ON : Seraphim Editions, c2008. 256 p.

Selected Essays

“Tarttologizing”  [a librarian investigates the reception and achievement of Donna Tartt]
Newsletter - University of British Columbia. Emeritus College (fall 2023) 18

“An ancestor prospector rambles in Aiken County”
News and journal (Aiken-Barnwell Genealogical Society of South Carolina) 37:3 (third quarter 2021) 53

“Mere and pure déjà vu: a COVID-19 reflection.”  UBC Emeritus College Newsletter 2:5 (April 2020) 14

“Electromagnetic Print emits a pulse: new Vancouver book publisher focuses on Indigenous and radical texts.”  Volcano (13 March 2017)

“Letters R.I.P.: recollections of Crad Kilodney.”  Vancouver Media Co-op (30 June 2014)

“First Nation clan blocks path of northern pipelines in British Columbia.” (26 Nov 2013)

“Art Review | Everything is going to …”  Mainlander (29 May 2011)

“The numbers have stories: perspectives on the statistics for Vietnam War resisters in Canada,” p. 73-76 in
War Resisters in Retrospect : Papers from the 2007 Our Way Home Peace Event and Reunion
Vancouver ; Las Vegas : Joseph Jones ; Lori Olafson, 2009. 112 p.

“The House of Anansi’s singular bestseller.” Canadian Notes & Queries 61 (2002) 19-22
[about Manual for Draft-Age Immigrants to Canada]

“The true meaning of Vancouver.” Vancouver Sun (31 Dec. 1994) D4

[Written with Jack Colhoun]   “Future stress: the psychology of exile.” Amex Canada 4:6 / 38 (Jan.-Mar. 1974) 42-44

Conference Presentations

“1970 Was a Singular Anguished Year for Vietnam War Resister Migration to Canada”
Commemorating Violent Conflicts and Building Sustainable Peace
School of Peace and Conflict Studies of Kent State University / Peace History Society /
Peace Studies Section of International Studies Association, Kent State University, 24-26 October 2019

“Testbed for an Approach to Distant Reading: Fictions that Represent Vietnam War Resisters in Canada”
DHSI Conference and Colloquium (8 June 2019)
Digital Humanities Summer Institute, University of Victoria, 3-14 June 2019

“Canadian Mennonite Assistance to American Vietnam War Refugees”
Historical Perspectives on War, Peace and Religion
Peace History Society, University of Saint Joseph, 22-24 October 2015

Legal Tremors in the Lead-Up to Vancouver’s 2010 Winter Olympic Games
Recover – Renew – Reimagine
28th Annual Public Interest Environmental Law Conference
University of Oregon School of Law, 25-28 February 2010

“Women in the Vietnam-era Exile Movement as Reflected in the Pages of Amex-Canada Magazine”
Historical Perspectives on Engendering War, Peace and Justice
Peace History Society, Georgian Court University, 19-20 October 2007

“The Numbers Have Stories: Perspectives on the Statistics for Vietnam War Resisters in Canada,”
A New Generation of Research on Vietnam War Resisters in Canada – Parts I and II (Workshop 8)
Our Way Home Peace Event & Reunion, Brilliant Cultural Center, Castlegar, B.C., 4-8 July 2007

“Action and Assessment in the First Generation of Writing about U.S. Vietnam War Resisters in Canada,”
Peace Activism and Scholarship: Historical Perspectives of Social, Economic, and Political Change
Peace History Society, Winthrop University, 3-5 November 2005

Martianus Capella, the Author within the Text
Authorship: Theory and Practice
34th Medieval Workshop, University of British Columbia, 12-13 November 2004

Intermediation and the Digital Library   ALLC/ACH 1998

Podcast Participant

Ren Bangert
The Story of American Vietnam War Resisters in Canada
[featuring Bob Waller, Joseph Jones, and Donald Maxwell]
Darts & Letters 193 (27 Feb 2023)


“ Paul Benedikt Glatz, Vietnam’s Prodigal Heroes: American Deserters,
International Protest, European Exile, and Amnesty

Peace & Change 47:3 (July 2022) 282-284

“Alice Lynd, Moral Injury & Conscientious Objection: a Brief ReviewPHS News 193 (Jan 2016) 41-42

“Chaotic Fancies,” Canadian Literature 193 (summer 2007) 163-164

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Canadian Book Review Annual 2006

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Chorus 1999

James J. O’Donnell.   Avatars of the Word : From Papyrus to Cyberspace.   Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 1998


Digital Concrete Poetry Experiment



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