Vietnam War Deserters and Draft Resisters in Canada

List of Selected Works

This list is limited to works of substance and length, most of them theses or separately published books. The order within sections is reverse chronological. The section “Key Works” lists all general titles devoted to the topic and some specific studies. These tend to offer a mixture of case study, narrative history, and analysis (sociological, psychological, political). The section “Related Works” offers a highly selective list of titles that include treatment of the topic. The section “Personal Accounts” lists nonfiction titles by individuals who lived the experience. These and many other books, essays, articles, literary works, archives, government publications, dissertations, films, and sound recordings will appear with annotation in my forthcoming bibliography. If you have detailed research needs, or want to know where to begin, feel free to ask specific questions.

Key Works

Cochran, Joshua D.
Beyond the water's edge: U.S. expatriates and the Vietnam antiwar movement
Ames, Iowa : University of Iowa, 2014  /  Ph.D. — History
xiii, 228 leaves

John, Henry Richard Lawrence
Resisting the war in "little brother country" : Vietnam War exiles, identity crisis and Canadianization
Vancouver : University of British Columbia, April 2013  /  M.A. — History
v, 60 leaves

Squires, Jessica
Building sanctuary : the movement to support Vietnam War resisters in Canada, 1965-73
Vancouver : UBC Press, [2013]
xxi, 348 pages

Murphy, Aisling
Journeys to the "north country fair" : exploring the American Vietnam War migration to Vancouver
Burnaby, B.C. : Simon Fraser University, summer 2010  /  M.A. — History
vi, 118 leaves

Jones, Joseph, 1947-  /  Olafson, Lori, 1961-  (editors)
War resisters in retrospect : papers from the 2007 Our Way Home peace event and reunion
Ottawa : [s.n.], 2009
112 pages

Jones, Joseph, 1947-
Happenstance and Misquotation : Canadian immigration policy 1966-1974, the arrival of U.S. Vietnam War resisters, and the views of Pierre Trudeau
Vancouver : Quarter Sheaf, 2008
80 pages

Roth, Matthew
Crossing borders: the Toronto Anti-Draft Programme and the Canadian anti-Vietnam War movement
Waterloo, Ont. : University of Waterloo, October 2008  /  M.A. — History
v, 118 leaves

Jones, Joseph, 1947-
Contending statistics : the numbers for U.S. Vietnam War resisters in Canada
Vancouver : Quarter Sheaf, 2005
74 pages

Churchill, David Stewart
When home became away : American expatriates and new social movements in Toronto, 1965-1977
Chicago : University of Chicago, August 2001  /  Ph.D. — History
v, 423 pages

Hagan, John, 1946-
Northern passage : American Vietnam War resisters in Canada
Cambridge : Harvard University Press, 2001
xiii, 269 pages

Kusch, Frank, 1959-
All American boys : draft dodgers in Canada from the Vietnam War
Westport, Conn. : Praeger, 2001
xviii, 173, [1] pages

Dickerson, James
North to Canada : men and women against the Vietnam War
Westport, Conn. : Praeger, 1999
xviii, 199 pages

Mackie, Patricia
Vietnam-era draft dodgers and deserters : class, Canada, and collusion
Montreal : Concordia University, spring 1998  /  M.A. — History
57 leaves

Haig-Brown, Alan, 1941-
Hell no, we won't go : Vietnam draft resisters in Canada
Vancouver : Raincoast Books, 1996
xi, 222 pages

Surrey, David Sterling
Choice of conscience : Vietnam era military and draft resisters in Canada
New York : Praeger, 1982
xi, 207 pages

Colhoun, Jack
War resisters in exile : the memoirs of Amex-Canada
pages 11-78 in:  Amex-Canada 6:2 / 47 (Nov-Dec 1977)

Kasinsky, Renée G., 1943-
Refugees from militarism : draft-age Americans in Canada
New Brunswick, N.J. : Transaction Books, c1976
[12], 301 pages, [1] leaf of plates

Christy, Jim, 1945-  (editor)
The new refugees : American voices in Canada
Toronto : Peter Martin Associates Ltd., c1972
vii, 151 pages

Emerick, Kenneth Fred, 1925-
War resisters Canada : the world of the American military-political refugees
Knox, Pa. : Knox, Pennsylvania Free Press, c1972
xii, 320 pages

Killmer, Richard L., 1942-  /  Lecky, Robert S.  /  Wiley, Debrah S.
They can't go home again : the story of America's political refugees
Philadelphia : Pilgrim Press, c1971
118 pages

Williams, Roger Neville, 1943-
The new exiles : American war resisters in Canada
New York : Liveright, c1971
xiii, 401 pages

Epp, Frank H.  (editor)
I would like to dodge the draft-dodgers* but  ...  [*including deserters]
Waterloo ; Winnipeg : Conrad Press, c1970
95 pages

Related Works

Glatz, Paul Benedikt, 1978-
Vietnam’s prodigal heroes: American deserters, international protest, European exile, and amnesty
Lanham, MD : Rowman & Littlefield, 2021
xlviii, 363 pages

Sweet, Matthew, 1969-
Operation Chaos : the Vietnam deserters who fought the CIA, the brainwashers, and themselves
New York : Henry Holt, 2018
xvii, 365 pages

Jones, Joseph, 1947-
Simulacrum of refuge : a history of Canada as destination for U.S. Iraq War deserters
Vancouver : Quarter Sheaf, 2017
208 pages

Rodgers, Kathleen, 1974-
Welcome to Resisterville : American dissidents in British Columbia
Vancouver : UBC Press, 2014
xix, 219 pages

Driscoll, Shawn C.
In through the out door : Vietnam pardon and amnesty programs under presidents Ford and Carter
Worcester MA : Worcester State University, 2013  /  M.A. — History
57 leaves

Weaver, Sharon Ann
Making place on the Canadian periphery: back-to-the-land on the Gulf Islands and Cape Breton
Guelph, Ontario : University of Guelph, 2013  /  Ph.D. — History

Apostol, Mara Alexandra
Speaking truth to power : how the United Church Observer and the Canadian Mennonite helped their denominations navigate a new church-state dynamic during the Vietnam War
Hamilton, Ont. : McMaster Divinity College, 2010  /  M.A. — Christian Studies
xi, 141 leaves

Scott, Holly
Doves of a different feather : Mennonites and the antiwar movement during Vietnam
Harrisburg, Pa. : Pennsylvania State University at Harrisburg, 2006  /  M.A. — American Studies
iv, 77 leaves

Rudy Plaxton, Sharon
To reconcile a nation : Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, and the question of amnesty 1974-1980
Kingston, Ont. : Queen's University, December 1995  /  Ph.D. — History
xxiii, 316 pages

Tollefson, James W., 1950-
The strength not to fight : an oral history of conscientious objectors of the Vietnam War
Boston : Little, Brown, c1993
vi, 248 pages

Gottlieb, Sherry Gershon
Hell no, we won't go! : resisting the draft during the Vietnam War
New York : Viking, 1991
xxvi, 274 pages

MacPherson, Myra
Long time passing : Vietnam and the haunted generation
Garden City, N.Y. : Doubleday, 1984
viii, 663 pages

Miller, Melissa  /  Shenk, Phil M.
The path of most resistance : stories of Mennonite conscientious objectors who did not cooperate with the Vietnam War draft
Scottdale, Pa. : Herald Press, 1982
239 pages

Kostash, Myrna, 1944-
Long way from home : the story of the sixties generation in Canada
Toronto : James Lorimer, 1980
xxxvii, 300 pages, [14] pages of plates : ill.

Baskir, Lawrence M.  /  Strauss, William A.
Chance and circumstance : the draft, the war, and the Vietnam generation
New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 1978
xix, 312 pages

Baskir, Lawrence M.  /  Strauss, William A.
Reconciliation after Vietnam : a program of relief for Vietnam era draft and military offenders
Notre Dame : University of Notre Dame Press, c1977
xiv, 150 pages

Monke, Lowell
A report on amnesty
Newton, Kansas : Commission on Home Ministries, General Conference Mennonite Church, c1975
100 pages

Polner, Murray, 1928- ed.
When can I come home? : a debate on amnesty for exiles, antiwar prisoners, and others
Garden City, N.Y. : Anchor Books, Doubleday, 1972
267 pages

Hayes, Thomas Lee, 1932-
American deserters in Sweden : the men and their challenge
New York : Association Press, c1971
192 pages

Personal Accounts

Satin, Mark, 1946-
Come, kind world
New York : Bombardier Books, an imprint of Post Hill Press
... forthcoming ... 2023 ...

Knight, Dee, 1946-
My whirlwind lives: a political memoir & manifesto
Toronto: Guernica World Editions, 2022
x, 195 pages
Note: previous versions in 2018 and 2019

Lemm, Richard, 1946-
Imagined truths : myths from a draft-dodging poet
New Westminster, BC : Tidewater Press, 2021
256 pages

Grady, Patrick
A Yankee-Canuck looks back : one damn thing after another
[United States?] : Global Economics, 2020
vii, 462 pages

Burt, Ellen, 1948-
What forever feels like : a memoir of Johnsons Landing
[New Denver, BC : Maa Press], c2018
xi, 207 pages

Glass, Allan, 1947-
Losing my country, keeping my soul
Victoria, BC : Friesen Press, 2018
320 pages

Klein, Michael C., 1938-
Dissident doctor : catching babies and changing the status quo
Madeira Park, BC : Douglas & McIntyre, c2018
xv, 288 pages

Glazner, Joseph Mark
Life after America : A memoir about the wild and crazy 1960s
Toronto : Glazner, 2017
224 pages

Henley, Thom, 1948-
Raven Walks Around the World : life of a wandering activist
Madeira Park, BC : Harbour Publishing, c2017
272 pages

Proctor, Bruce Stevens
The Sweden file : memoir of an American expatriate
Washington DC : Westphalia Press, c2015
238 pages
Note: 2nd ed. 2019

Dix, Steve, 1946-
Finding honor : memoir of a Vietnam War resister
Bloomington, IN : Balboa Press, a division of Hay House, 2014
xii, 367 pages

Glass, Allan, 1947-
Deserting to Canada, living underground
Rakuten Kobo, c2012
233 pages (68 K words)

Frutkin, Mark, 1948-
Erratic north : a Vietnam draft resister's life in the Canadian bush
Toronto : Dundurn Press, c2008
236, [4] pages

Ziegler, Robert
The draft dodger dues : a banquet of crow : an autobiography
Victoria, B.C. : Trafford, c2006
[-2], 425, [5] pages

Perrin, Dick, 1948-
G.I. resister : the story of how one American soldier and his family fought the war in Vietnam
Victoria, B.C. : Trafford, c2001
[14], 167 pages, [6] pages of plates : ill.

Todd, Jack, 1946-
Desertion : in the time of Vietnam   [U.S. edition]
Boston : Houghton Mifflin, 2001
[8], 293 pages

Todd, Jack, 1946-
The taste of metal : a deserter's story   [Canadian edition]
Toronto : HarperFlamingo Canada, c2001
xiii, 253 pages

Fetherling, Douglas
Travels by night : a memoir of the sixties
Toronto : Lester Publishing, c1994
255 pages

Trimm, Steve
Walking wounded : men's lives during and since the Vietnam War
Norwood, N.J. : Ablex Publishing Corporation, c1993
xx, 204 pages
(Frontiers in psychotherapy series)

Simons, Donald Laird, 1945-
I refuse : memories of a Vietnam War objector
Trenton, N.J. : Broken Rifle Press, c1992
184 pages

Moore, Richard, 1947-
Richard : portrait of a Vietnam War resister
San Francisco : R. Moore, c1987
[4], 5, 5, 6, [2], 4, 5, 3, [6] pages

York, Thomas, 1940-1988
And sleep in the woods : the story of one man's spiritual quest
Toronto : Doubleday Canada ; Garden City, N.Y. : Doubleday, 1978
x, 221, [1] pages

Rockwell, Wilson, 1909-
We hold these truths ...
Caldwell, Idaho : Caxton Printers, 1976
260 pages

Morgan, Allen, 1946-
Dropping out in 3/4 time
New York : Seabury Press, c1972
152 pages


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