U.S. Iraq War Deserters in Canada
Supplemental Entries for “References and Sources”

This list of supplemental entries provides an ongoing record of items not listed in the “References and Sources” section (pages 147-208) of Simulacrum of Refuge : a History of Canada as Destination for U.S. Iraq War Deserters  (2017). The arrangement, format, and content of these entries parallel those provided in the book.  

Part I — Canadian News Sources

Nothing yet discovered.

Part I — U. S. and International News Sources

Support US Army Private Ryan Johnson, imprisoned war resister
Courage to Resist (22 Mar 2017)  |  Johnson

Kristin Schwab. These Americans moved to Canada for political reasons. They don’t regret it. Guardian (19 Apr 2017)
|  Hughey Hagan* House* McQuail*

Part II — Documentary Films

War Resisters Welcome Here (2004) 5:20  /  snowshoefilms
|  Hughey

Canadians Say War Resisters Welcome Here (2006) 9:44  /  Karen Harvey ; snowshoefilms
|  Hart Hinzman Magaoay House* Walther* Zaslofsky*



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