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Welcome to The Art of Garthness, the electronic home of Garth Spencer. Garth is a resident of Vancouver, British Columbia, a secretary and office clerk, and an amateur writer.

If you're looking for experienced office help, let me direct you to my resume:

Conspiracy Theories
What are the most prevalent conspiracy theories, which are the most entertaining ones, and what is wrong with them all?
Crank Theories
I enjoy crank theories! Do you? Here are some of the most popular and entertaining crank theories going around.
Creative Linguistics
Have you ever noticed how badly designed fictional languages are, in most fantasy and science fiction? Here is a critical review of some of the constructed languages, in fantasy and science fiction and allegedly real life. (Remember, I took classes in this stuff.)
Creative Nationalism
If you've ever wanted to start your own country, here are some sad and humorous examples of previous attempts.
Creative Planetology
Read enough science fiction and you'll start critiquing the made-up planets that SF writers invent. I had to write this just to get the bug out of my system.
Creative Sociology
If you ever thought your society could work better, if only someone worked out how to modify the system ... well, here are some cautionary tales.
One of the several ways people try to understand and control their fates, without getting degrees in psychology and economics, is to learn about casting Norse runes. Here is a short rundown on the subject.
After the "cyberpunk" fashion in science fiction came "steampunk", revisioning the Industrial Revolution as if the steam-powered top-hatted Victorian era never ended.