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The Mattie Mitchell Webpage

head.jpgWhy a Mattie Mitchell Webpage?

This web site is dedicated to the renowned Newfoundland Mi'kmaq Mattie Mitchell. It is a means for his descendants and other students of Newfoundland Mi'kmaq to add to the knowledge and folk-lore surrounding Mattie. I have posted all the info on Mattie and his ancestors that I have been able to gather. Some of it is accurate and some is pure speculation, either by me or by others. I have also posted links to related sites. To view just click on the item of interest to the left.

Incidentally my connection to Mattie is through my spouse Arleen who is his great-granddaughter. It was while tracing her family tree that I became intrigued by Mattie and his mysterious ancestor, Captain Jock. A few early inquiries led me to Mr. Charles Martijn of Quebec City who has either provided most of the facts on this website or else pointed me in the right direction to find them. Charles can't be blamed for the speculations however.

If you have any information that you feel would add to our knowledge of Mattie please send an e-mail to Fred Powell

Comments including suggestions, corrections or omissions would also be welcome.

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