Descendants of Mattie Mitchell

Mattie's oldest child, Margaret was born in the Bay St. George's area, the rest of the children were born in Bonne Bay. The family tree is only shown to the third generation generally and to the 4th generation in the Matthew Mitchel jr. line to show the connection to my spouse.

Ray Neilsen, Mattie's g-grandson from Pasadena NF, recently (Oct. 2002) sent me a copy of a "collage photo of Mattie surrounded by his children as adults. Ray had this made after several years researching photos of Mattie's children. Clockwise starting at the top they are Margaret(Ray's grandmother), Lawrence, Matthew jr., Lucy, Bridget and John.

To show Mattie's many descendants would require a separate website. This may come in the future. However I would welcome any updates or additions to the data below.
This website is now available (Feb. 2009) on its own website courtesy of Ray Neilsen

1 Matthew Mitchell (Matthieu Michel) b. 1844 d. 1921 m. 26 May 1879 Marie Anne Webb b.16 Aug 1857 
  2 Margaret Marie Mitchell b. 29 June 1885 d. 8 Oct 1952 m. Ezekiel Rumboldt b. Feb 1883 
    3 Barbara Rumbolt m. Eric Neilson
    3 Les Rumbolt m. Anne Duffy
    3 Francis Rumbolt
    3 Matthew Rumbolt
  2 Lawrence Charles Mitchell b. 1 Mar 1888 d. 15 Jan 1964 m. Elizabeth Ann Harding
    3 John Harding Mitchell b. 2 Mar 1917 d. m. Jean Monroe
    3 Madeline Mitchell
  2 Matthew Mitchell b. 9 Jan 1891  d. 8 Dec 1963 m. 13 Apr 1912 Ann Brodrick b. Sept 1894
    3 Mathew Cortland Mitchell b. Sept 1912 m. Helen (Ellenor) Byrne
    3 Emma Mitchell b. Dec 1913  m. Hugh Gallagher
    3 Lucie Mitchell b.14 Oct 1916  d. 21 Oct 1998  m. Michael Connolly b. Mar 1915 d. Aug 1972
      4 Arleen Connolly m. Fred Powell
    3 Albert Mitchell  b. Nov 1918  m. Angela Barry
    3 Mae Mitchell  m. Charles Harris
    3 Dorothy Mitchell m. Joseph McFadden
    3 Olga Mitchell
    3 Charlotte Mitchell m. Harold O'Brien
  2 Lucy Mitchell b. 30 Nov 1893 d. 17 Aug 1961 m. Tim Duhart
    3 Hubert Duhart m. Mary Quinn
    3 Madeline Duhart m. Charles Mason
    3 Una Duhart m. Lou Parsons
  2 Bridget Mitchell b. 16 July 1896 d. 27 Oct 1956 m. Hillyard Sheppard
    3 Gordon Sheppard m. Josephine ?
    3 Edna Sheppard m. Gordon Sullivam
    3 Barbara Sheppard m. Glen Woodworth
    3 Melvin Sheppard
  2 John A. Mitchell b. 20 Oct 1897 d. 18 Sep 1972 m. Agnes George b. Jul 1 1898  d. 3 Apr 1983
    3 Monica Mitchell m. Emile LaFitte
    3 Helena Mitchell m. Charles Atkins
    3 Jerome Mitchell m. Bride Hall
    3 Russell Mitchell 
    3 Irene Mitchell m.  Bernie Doucette
    3 Jack Mitchell b. Jan 1930 d. 14 Feb 1990 m. Cartherine Frampton b. 2 Aug 1932  d. 6 Jul 1988
    3 Barbara Mitchell m. Greg Hurley
    3 Sylvia Mitchell m. Roy Rowsell
    3 Marie Mitchell m. Willoughby Sparkes
    3 Loretta Mitchell m. Wm. (Billy) Ramos Ramos
    3 Ona Mitchell m. Randy Evans

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