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Gallery of Judy's Taniko Weaving

This is just a small sample of items I have created in recent years. There are, ofcourse, a lot more woven pieces that I have chosen not to add to this page. All pieces are my own work, using whatever materials available, and demonstrate possible ideas for gifts etc. Materials used include (for whenu) hemp, kitchen string, macrame twine, and (for aho) stranded embroidery thread and knitting cotton.

Unless noted, all taniko designs shown in the items here are also my own creation or interpretation.

Unbleached cotton kete with woven taniko bands stitched to the bags. These bags were made for using - and I do!.

Taniko belts and headbands. Second from top is one of my first pieces - a belt made in 1959 for my mother. The belt in the centre (with the Silver Fern) won First Prize and the Handweavers Guild of America Award at the 1985 Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver.

Patterns for my mother's belt and the guitar strap 2nd from bottom were created by Mr Hohepa. (See Celebration page)

Some of the taniko headbands that went
to the 1992 World Indigenous Peoples
Conference and Expo 92 in Spain.
Traditional patterns and my own designs

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No portion of the images or taniko designs therein may be reproduced by any means, whether by hand or mechanical device, in whole or part thereof, without the written permission of the author. Text, photos, the woven taniko items and the taniko designs depicted therein are (unless otherwise noted) the creation and sole property of Judy Shorten.

October 18, 2003