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MARCH 2007
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Our Mandate

Created by Rachel Flood in 2001, The Sista'Hood Celebration started as a one-day event featuring an all-female line up of spoken word and hip hop performers and filmmakers. Since then Sista'Hood has grown into an annual multidisciplinary arts festival that is the only event of its kind in Western Canada. Sista’Hood is produced by the Working Arts Society, a non-profit organization.

In recognition of International Women's Day, Sista'Hood features local, national and international women and gender-diverse artists and facilitators, and explores the convergence of gender and art in music, dance, spoken word, media arts and social justice activism.

Sista’Hood exists to:

• Create safe spaces that support artistic risk while challenging and inspiring audiences and artists alike
• Actively support gender diversity by producing an inclusive arts festival that features local, national and international women and gender-diverse artists and facilitators
• Produce a culturally diverse arts festival
• Produce a festival that is accessible to youth and provides opportunities for intergenerational exchange
• Pay all artists and production staff at or above current national standards
• Produce a culturally, fiscally and environmentally sustainable festival
• Provide resources, professional development and networking opportunities for artists and enablers involved in the festival
• Create a production environment that is supportive and enjoyable

Working Arts Society

The Working Arts Society has been in operation as a registered non-profit society in BC since December 2001. During this time Working Arts has created and produced the annual Sista'Hood Celebration, the Momentum Youth Project and the first two years of the New Forms Festival.

Working Arts Society Mandate

The Working Arts Society exists to act as a resource and hub of connectivity within the Arts Sector by building and developing sustainable relationships and partnerships within the local arts and business community; by facilitating and supporting cultural sustainability through researching, developing and disseminating best practices for Emerging and Established Artists and Cultural Workers; and by facilitating artistic experiences that showcase a diversity of voices and perspectives and encourages participation from diverse audiences.

Thanks to our growing audience Sista’Hood is able to showcase more artists every year. Check out the talent that has helped to create The Sista’Hood Celebration.

Volunteer for Sista’Hood 2007!

A community based festival like Sista’Hood needs the support of volunteers like you to make it happen. See some great shows, meet new people, and get plugged in to one of the best events Vancouver has to offer. (See full volunteer position descriptions below).

All Sista’Hood volunteers are asked to commit to two shifts of three hours each. Evening events have an early shift a late shift and. You get in free to the shows you work and receive a charming (and useful) thank you gift.

Don’t forget the best way to volunteer is with a friend. So grab a sista (or a brotha) and volunteer together for Sista’Hood.

We need volunteers for each event!

Interested? Contact Gisele da Silva at [email protected] or 604.715.7837 to volunteer. State which events you’re available to work and your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice of roles you’d like to work.


Confluence Artists

Maya Suess
Sabrini Bonfonti
Caitlin Padgett
Unspoken – Mikela J Mikael & Len Paul
DJ Buzy B
Freaky DNA
Kael T Block- XXBoys Photo Project
Uberslut.com-Photo Exhibition
Jessie Kergan
Gail Noonan – Your Name In Cellulite
Jesse E Epstein – Wet Dreams and False Images
Lisa G – Blue Tuesday
Desiree Lim – Eroticism
Ingrid Alesich – The Nature Of Love
Maori Holmes – Scene Not Heard: Women In Philadelphia Hip Hop
Hanna Munneke – Pique
Kimberlee Acquaro and Stacy Sherman – God Sleeps In Rwanda
Emily Dell – B-Girl: The Movie
Zena Sharman
Your Little Pony
Little Woo
Sweet Soul Girls
The Screaming Chickens
Lola La Bouche
Malaka Millions
Starlette Bourbon
Farrah Fairlane
Stilettos and Strap-On's
Crystal Precious
Amber Dawn AKA Tralala
Rachel Flood
Ivan Coyote
Tara Hardy
Veda Hille
Kinnie Starr
Zaki Ibrahim
Ms Divine
Rapsure Risin

Socials Artists

DJ Betti Forde
DJ DeLux (Lick)
DJ Goddamn!!
Forgotten Sol
Melissa Noelle Green


Belladonna (TO)
Cristina Orbé
Triple 3 — Deanna Teeple, GreenTaRA, Ndidi Cascade
zAyla weedz (TO)
Geneva B
DJ Buzy B
Christa Bell (Seattle)
Ora Cogan
Nadia Chaney
Hot Saucy Productions — Your Little Pony, Rita Star, Bonny Kilroe, Dolly Hard-On, Lola La Bouche, Crystal Precious, Cara Milk, Mimi Pearl, Watermelon, Maya Suess, Ifer, Eliza
DJ Bles-sed
DJ Hedspin
Pandora (LA)
Extra Credit Crew (Sisterz of the Underground) (SF)
Angel 179 (Seattle)
Kimberly Shaughnessy
Rachel Flood
Barbara Adler
Eternia (TO)
Siren's Echo
Kia Kadiri
Bronwen & Ila
Ivan E. Coyote
Katastrophe (SF)
Che: Chapter 127

Previous years

Kia Kadiri
Ndidi Cascade
Green TaRA
Deanna Teeple
Zenobia Salik
Rachel Flood
Brigee k
Chena Finess
Barbara Adler
Karine Zamor
Tanya Evanson
Ivan E. Coyote
MC Shankhini
Laurie Bricker
Amalia Townsend
Siren's Echo
Cristina Orbé
Fiona Tyler, Faye Mallett, Gabrielle Martin
Vanessa Richards
Emily Jordan
Patrice Allen
Nadia Chaney
Gena Perala
Fly Antics
Pearl Crew
Lisa B
DJ Bles-sed
Rachel Raimist – Nobody Knows My Name
Jessie Kergan and Keath Ling – Celebrating Sista'Hood
Jerry Ochoa – Code of the Cutz: Project B-Girl
Eva Nikitova – Lazy Day
Cabral Rock and Lori Lozinski – Freestylers
Joslyn Rose Lyons – Soundz of Spirit
Bernadette Whicks – Shadow Puppetry Installation

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