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  1. Political Action - political education, street demonstrations, letter writing campaigns to promote democratic political change and respect for human rights in Burma.
  2. Campaigns to stop investment, tourism and trade with Burma.
  3. Outreach and news - responding to requests for speakers and information about Burma, and participation in the worldwide Free Burma Coalition.
  4. Support for the thousands of refugees and displaced persons at the Thai-Burmese border.


Write your Member of Parliament, inform him or her of your concerns about Burma and call for greater government action to support the democracy struggle.

Lobby your university, municipal and provincial governments to adopt selective purchasing resolutions or bylaws to avoid procuring goods and services from companies active in Burma. Over 16 cities and one state in the U.S. have passed such ordinances, and companies have withdrawn from Burma as a result. (specific companies?)

Think twice about visiting Burma. Your tourist dollars help the generals to buy more weapons. Tourist infrastructure has been largely built by forced labour and many villages have been forcibly relocated to make room for hotels and other tourist infrastructure. Great suffering on the part of the Burmese people has resulted from campaign to get foreigners to buy into their vision of Burma. But the people aren't free to tell you how it really is for them in their country for fear of harassment and imprisonment. Heed the appeals of the democracy movement and wait to visit Burma until Burma has achieved democracy and the people themselves can enjoy their own country.