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The Vancouver Burma Roundtable is a meeting place for organizations and individuals who share in working for a free and democratic Burma where respect for human rights and ethnic diversity is honoured. We meet monthly to share news and experiences and make plans for Burma action in the Lower Mainland. Newcomers are welcome to join with us and find a place in the movement.


The group was set up in December 1997 as a result of the stimulus provided by the APEC People's Summit held in November and with the support and encouragement of members of the Seattle Burma Roundtable.

The aims of the Vancouver group are:

  1. To provide a forum where Burmese exiles and Canadian friends can share experiences and grow in understanding each other's point of view.
  2. To increase awareness of Burma issues among the general public.
  3. To serve as a catalyst for Free Burma activities in the community.
  4. To widen the circle of Free Burma friends in the Greater Vancouver area.


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