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Fiona S. Crofton, PhD

Fiona Crofton is founder and Principal of the ORCAD Consulting Group Inc., a consulting group specializing in activities and processes which further understanding and action for sustainable development. Dr. Crofton's background is built upon a systems and design foundation. Working locally, nationally, and internationally, Fiona has established a reputation as an innovative process design specialist, educator, facilitator, and, most particularly, as a catalyst for change and action. Her particular emphasis is on increasing exploration and communication across different function, discipline and values areas in order to facilitate understanding, and to more adequately define and meet the needs and expectations of diverse interest groups. Her primary aim is to facilitate movement towards sustainability in planning, design and lifestyle choices. 'Dr.F' (as her students call her) is also an Adjunct Professor in the UBC School of Engineering, Director of the Centre for Sustainable Communities Canada, and member of the BCWWA Water Sustainability Committee. More Info

Mark Holland, MSc (Planning)

Mark Holland is a planner who holds professional degrees in both Landscape Architecture and Community and Regional Planning. He is the principal of the Holland Barrs Planning Group, a sustainable development consulting firm, with recent projects in site planning, community energy planning, transit planning, land administration, CPTED and public participation. He worked with the City of Vancouver as the sustainable development planner and project co-ordinator on the Southeast False Creek model sustainable urban development project for the development of the award-winning policy statement. He serves as the Vice President of the Ecodesign Resource Society and is on the Board of Directors for the BC Energy Aware Committee. He has lectured on a wide range of issues including green urban design, community energy planning and the challenges municipalities face in implementing sustainable development principles. He has been a guest speaker at regional and national conferences and workshops, most recently for UBCM, FCM, UDI, BC Hydro and CMHC.

Thomas Mueller, M.A. Planning.

Thomas Mueller is a resource management specialist with over 12 years experience in developing and implementing waste reduction and recycling policies, plans and programs for the industrial, commercial and institutional sector. Thomas has considerable expertise in resource management issues as they relate to building design and construction. He is currently leading the GVRD's Business Recycling & Water Conservation program, and regional green building initiatives and we are please to have him on the EDRS board.


Miguel Afonso 2003

Miguel Afonso received his Bachelor of Social Science degree from the University of Cape Town in South Africa, 1999, and after that obtained a diploma in Shiatsu. Miguel has a keen interest in social and ecological issues worldwide and recently decided to shift his creativity toward the betterment of the planet. He has begun to focus his attention on the area of eco-industrial networking and plans to develop a career in this field. Miguel also has passion for nature photography and weather not permitting can be seen going to extremes to get the right photo. p>

Dolores Altin is a landscape planner with a passion for EcoDesign and a degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Manitoba. With experience in Holland, Winnipeg and Vancouver, Dolores is sensitive to storm water management issues, as well as transportation issues, and is committed to sustainable community design. Dolores sees opportunities for greater social and environmental responsible design and believes the best way to create change is for everyone to become better informed. Dolores has volunteered with Evergreen and B.E.S.T.

Deborah Bakker 2001-2002

Deborah Bakker holds a degree in chemistry and a Master's Degree in Environmental Studies; the latter included a thesis on how universities in Canada were addressing sustainable development and environmental management in the design and management of their campuses. Her work experience blends experience in the NGO, government, consulting, and the corporate sectors, including exploring and explaining the business case for sustainability. In the fall of 2000, she had the good fortune to work internationally as a guide at the Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives (ZERI) pavilion at EXPO 2000 in Hannover Germany. (see While not a designer or an architect, she is passionate about and committed to green design, in particular where this interfaces with chemistry (i.e. sustainable product design), as well as with the issue of climate change. Her niche is that of an expert researcher, writer, communicator and project manager.

Matt Galloway is an Intern Architect with the Architectural Institute of British Columbia. He holds Bachelor degrees in Environmental Studies and Architecture. Matt completed a design thesis, exploring architectural potential for a Center for Sustainability in Southeast False Creek, at the University of Waterloo in 2000. He is currently working as an intermediate designer with Busby + Associates, and he recently developed a seminar on Vancouver Initiatives in the Green Building Movement.

Mark Kerschbaumer, 1998-2002

Mark Kerschbaumer is a building designer and principal of Dulce Design in Squamish BC. Mark worked for several years in wood frame construction before attending BCIT and receiving his Diploma of Building Technology in 1997. After graduation, Mark worked with Kallweit Graham Architecture in West Vancouver for a few years before accepting an assignment in Guatemala where he oversaw the design and rebuilding of an earthquake devasted orphanage. Upon his return, Mark started Dulce Design with an approach toward residential design and construction aimed at improving building performance in a sustainable context.

Cheryl Nelms, 6.2002-12.2003

Cheryl Nelms holds a degree in Civil Engineering and is a junior environmental/municipal engineer at Public Works and Government Services Canada. She specializes in the area of water treatment & distribution and implementing sustainable technologies in federal projects. Currently a UBC M.A.Sc graduate candidate her thesis pertains to the development of a framework to assess green technologies with industry partner Polygon. She has spearheaded the development of design guidelines for green roofs and continues in the research of the durability issues associated with green roofs.

Ian Theaker, PEng (ages)-2002

Ian Theaker is a professional engineer and principal of Integral Design/Engineering, specialising in high-performance, environmentally-responsive building design using state-of-the-art energy engineering and simulation tools; and assisting design teams with green consulting services. Ian was project manager of the team of green design experts that created the City of Santa Monica, Californias' "Green Building Design and Construction Guidelines"; and recently acted as a technical resource for the Green Buildings BC New Buildings Program. He is currently president of Designers for Social Responsibility, and is a governor of the BC chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers.