Most of the users of the park are there to stroll, jog, cycle or power walk, and most have dogs as companions. It serves as a relaxing social exercise activity both for people and their dogs. There are also park users who wish to simply enjoy the natural setting and are not there to interact with dogs.

Our committee wants to avoid setting up the conditions that promote user conflicts so that all visitors can have a fun, safe experience. This includes education and outreach to promote awareness of responsible dog-handling as well as support of initiatives such as the Canine Good Neighbour program. It's our intention to be on the cutting edge of programming, so that we aren't doomed to repeat failed solutions attempted elsewhere.


The Park Board, Evergreen, Lees and Associates and the Everett Crowley Park Committee collaborated on a two-year long Management Plan process whose results reinforced the strongly held feeling that the Park be minimally developed and allowed to remain an "urban wilderness". There could possibly be many interpretations of this, and arriving at consensus on what this actually looks like in the park is a challenge. We invite you to look at the plan, which was adopted by the Park Board at info/planning/ everett crowley mgmtplan


Spray painting of park facilities, destruction of signs and trailmaps, and the setting of fires are a problem. There are no easy solutions given the geography of the park and its history, but we are keen to create more awareness of the park as a recovering natural space and to encourage people to treat it with more respect.

Unfinished trail