About us

No Whales In Captivity is the popular short name for the Coalition For No Whales In Captivity. We are a registered non-profit society formed in February 1992 by more than a dozen concerned animal-friendly groups in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

We are a grassroots, law-abiding, fully volunteer-run organization based in Vancouver - but with close connections to more than 400 other whale-friendly groups around the world. We hold rallies and set up display tables at environmentally-friendly events. We write lots of letters to the paper, do research on the issues, publish reports, do media, and organize and participate in public and government meetings.

Our mandate is to inform the government and the public of the inherent cruelty in keeping animals in captivity. Scientific facts show that cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises) suffer greatly when confined in concrete tanks.

Our goal is to stop the Aquarium, located inside Stanley Park in downtown Vancouver, from importing more performing whales and dolphins for public display.

Public pressure helped our group get the Aquarium to close the orca whale tanks in 2001. But the Aquarium still refuses to close the other cetacean displays and plan to continue breeding and trading beluga whales and Pacific white-sided dolphins.

Over 26 whales and dolphins have died under the "care" of the Aquarium, including 6 baby whales and dolphins. How many more whales need to suffer and die before you do something about it?

Will you help the whales today?



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