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Coalition For No Whales In Captivity
This is our original website loaded with information on how we helped stop the Vancouver Aquarium from keeping orca whales in captivity in Stanley Park. Bjossa was the last orca to be shipped out of Stanley Park in April 2001.

Creative Resistance in Stanley Park
Background articles and comments on whales and dolphins kept captive at the Vancouver Aquarium

Cetaceans news source
Tursiops.org is dedicated and devoted to dolphins. On this site you can find news from around the world on cetaceans.

Humane Society of US
The HSUS is one of the largest animal welfare groups in the world that fight to stop the trade and display of whales and dolphins in captivity.

Zoocheck Canada
Zoocheck is a charitable society based in Toronto that commissioned a poll in 2003 that among other important questions, asked Vancouverites if we support the aquarium bringing more whales and dolphins into Stanley Park. 63.3% answered NO and only 22% answered YES

World Society for the Protection of Animals

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