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  Oral History Project

Funded by a grant from the government, the Chinese Community History Room hired several people in 1984 to interview senior Chinese Canadian citizens in an effort to recover and preserve historical accounts of the earlier Chinese immigrants in Canada. The interviews were all recorded on the spot and the Chinese Community History Room now keeps a complete set of recordings numbering more than one hundered cassette tapes.

Another Oral History project was carried out by the Chinese Community History Room  in 1992, focusing on the experiences of Chinese Canadian women in Vancouver and especially in the Strathcona area. They are also available for public use.   

Sample Clip (RealAudio format)
This is a sample clip from a recording by Mrs Rohda Lee. Mrs Lee lived on Pender Street around the time of her marriage in 1927. In this excerpt, she describes the life of the very few women folks who lived in Chinatown in this period.

In order to listen to the sample clip, you will need RealPlayer. If you wish to download RealPlayer, please click on the icon to the bottom right.realplayericon

 "Pender  Guy" Program Master Tapes Notes

"Pender Guy", a vigorous co-op radio program which was run on the air between 1976 and 1981, was run by a group of young Chinese-Canadians concerned with the issues of assimilation and cultural identity. The program was broadcast once a week for a period of five years and was well receieved by the local Chinese community. For its objectivity and in-depth analysis, the program was awarded the 1980 Media Human Rights Award of the B'nai B'rith of Canada.

The Chinese Community History Room houses a complete set of the "Pender Guy" program master tapes as well as the accompanying program notes and information.

Pender Guy

This poster for "Pender Guy" advertises a special feature about Chinese Canadian involvement in the two World Wars.

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